Car boot sale finds

Together with the blog design transformation I though it might be nice to let you little internet minions peek into my IRL a little more. I wouldn't say that I'm a completely closed book - you probably get some of my personality shine through my Instagram (@cityscapebliss) but other than that it might be a bit of a struggle to get through to me. So what should you know about me? Let me think. 

I'm obsessed with car boot sales & flea markets. When I lived in the Czech Republic I used to go every Saturday with my dad. We'd always buy so much stuff (each find would be a real treasure to us) - and then my mum would go absolutely bonkers because to her it was all just junk. I remember once I found a whole season of X-Files magazine. And I read it all - every single issue! I'm pretty sure it's still lying somewhere in the attics of my parent's house, haha! Yes, I'm one of those materialistic people who find satisfaction at imagining who used to read through this or that old book or who used to drink from this or that tea cup. On Sunday Justin took me to the Belfry car boot sale - it's not huge but it's big enough to make my whole weekend. I always turn to a little kid when we go to a place like that - I was running around from stall to stall, a bacon bap in one hand, a dozen of pound coin in the other. Justin tends to give up on the adventure about half an hour into the car boot. I don't stop runnin' around until I've seen all the stalls. And some of them more than once. Look at the treasures I found on Sunday - a cat tea pot, an Indian brass bowl, Everybody's Gardening Guide from 1930 and a vintage picture of a railway cat. I'm a very happy car boot sale bean.     

Interesting fact number two - I'm not a sports person. It's not even as much about taking part in sports as much as it is about watching them. How can anyone sit through a whole Wimbledon for God's sake? I mean, Bradley Cooper obviously can. I can't. The only sport I can watch (and take part in, sorta) is horse racing. Have I told you I used to be a pony jockey? Serious! Where my parents live there's a massive race course where the local people hold annual horse races. And before the big race there's always a little pony race for kids. And I was one of the kids. Not that I've ever won anything, but ya know - it was fun and it made my parents proud. Since I don't live next to a race course anymore and don't have a pony on hand all I'm left with is a local bookies to keep me in the loop. Really, what are the odds that Wearthefoxhat or Whykickamoocow is gonna win - but man, just for the funny names I'm in. Have you ever put a bet on a horse?   

And I collect cat tea pots. 

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