Body Shop - the skin diagnostic tool

Do you sometimes get a bit uneasy when someone asks you what skin type you have? I mean - I've always been pretty sure that my skin is dry (with flaky patches in winter) with high concentration of blackheads on my nose and enlarged pores on my cheeks. So I've always been buying products targeting those areas. But is this still true even now I'm 25?! It is in a way - but as you grow older, your skin does too. And it's not only your taste for bearded guys and punk music that changes - your skin changes too. It changes based on weather, your lifestyle, your diet, even on your stress levels. Therefore it's not a bad idea to stop once in a while & re-think your skin care regime. 

Some very smart bum in the Body Shop company came up with a brilliant idea. They thought about how to make this easier for us - how to tell us what our skin needs without the need of going to a specialist and spending money on skin analysis sessions. So the Skin Diagnostic Tool was invented. As it is with any online based tool, you have to use common sense (after all you're not talking to a real person here but to a set of HTML codes) - but trust me, it does make your life that little bit easier (and it only takes 4 minutes)!

So I went ahead and gave it a go - I entered all the vital data they asked me for - my age, how my skin feels most of the time, some indicators of my lifestyle - and clicked okay. The tool digests your data & spits out a range of products they suggest you try to tackle your current skin trouble. And you know what? The products that the tool suggested to me were something I'd never picked up myself:

⇢ Vitamin C Microdermabrasion
⇢ Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser with SPF30
 Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz
Strangely enough - or maybe totally obviously - using these products has had quite an impact on my skin. My skin doesn't feel dry at all at the moment, it has got a really dewy texture even without any foundation/BB cream on and even when I'm absolutely knackered it doesn't look as washed out & sickly as it used to. Personally I'm not overly keen on citrus scented products (which the products in the Vitamin C range all are) however that being sad - it's not about what your nose fancies, it's about what your skin needs. And mine obviously could do with a bit of a Vitamin C boost - which from now on will have to be a part of my skin care routine. 

Fancy giving the diagnostic tool a try? Click here.  

What do you do to make sure your skin has all it needs?
Do you just go with your gut feeling or do you seek any sort of professional advice?   

Body Shop - the skin diagnostic tool

Disclaimer: This post was made in collaboration with the Body Shop! I'm really grateful for learning about their new swanky skin diagnostic tool - it's one to keep in mind when your skin goes berserk! Thank you Body Shop!