Memebox review
I hate subscription beauty boxes. It's not even the idea or the concept I dislike so much - I actually think that it could work if done properly, but what I really dislike about the UK boxes is the execution. Once in a while there's a spark of silver lining, but most of time you just feel like you're being ripped off. Plus most of them make you buy the boxes blindly without knowing what's in them. Seriously, man, seriously?! At this point I really did not think that there could be a beauty box which I'd be willing to even look at. But there is. And it's called the Memebox.    

Memebox is different in a number of ways, yet it still holds the traditional values of a subscription beauty box. Each box has got different (and pretty damn interesting!) theme - from beauty products based on superfoods to waterproof make-up editions and vitamin C products only! Each box costs $23 (=£13.50) and you often find free postage or other discount codes. Now the really cool bit is that you don't have to be a subscriber, you don't have to necessarily commit to buying the box before you know what's in it. You can pre-order it to secure a place, but even by the time of pre-order you will be able to find a review somewhere on the internet telling you what exactly is in it. And honestly, all the boxes I've seen have got pretty awesome stuff in them!  

The one I've got is a special Hair & Body 'Korean Spa style' box and the contents literally had me running around the flat screaming in excitement. Just look at it, damn! 

Rosapacific 19 Real Neck Sheet: a neck mask (how crazy?!)
Kiss the Perfume Brilliant Hair Treatment: a gorgeous hair treatment in a pump bottle which smells like flowers - and apparently the RRP is £49!
Annagaspi Brilliant Body Design Patch: a hydro-gel body patch that firms swollen legs & feet (you ain't finding this in Superdrug!)
Hair Steam Hair Pack: a crazy hair cap looking mask 
Nail Therapy: this is, ladies & gents, a nail mask - a nail mask!
Zivon Plu Oriental Scrub: a little scrub in a tub that looks strangely similar to Macadamian products
RoseMine Perfume Touch: a little cute floral tub with glittery perfume jelly (talk about strange products here!) 
Exfoliating Gloves: and they're not even your standard exfoliating gloves - these are made from a very different material and feel rougher on touch

All these products are right up my alley - definitely products I've never tried and I'm glad I had someone introduce them to me. For instance, I've already tried the nail mask and it's soooo good - I'm definitely going to look into nail masks a bit more! 

You can get this box here or have a browse on their website - they have tons of boxes available at the same time! Also, there are always codes available - use YRAKUR1C1R for $5 off any order (valid until the end of July). 

Have you tried Memebox before?
Which beauty box is your favourite?

Memebox review

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