Soften Her review
A less talked about but extremely important subject for the summer season: shaving, epilating, waxing, plucking. Even more if you're a brunette with thick voluminous mane which also translates as stubby armpit/leg/bikini line hairs. Huzzah!

A few years back I took you on a journey of my hair removal experience (oh so interesting to read about endless pamper 'waxing-your-legs-to-death' nights and trips to drugstores for ever so blunt shaver blades, read it here). Not a lot has changed since, I'm not gonna lie. Although I have picked up a few tricks on the way as well as upgraded my torture tools. 

I'm an epilator girl. Nothing, and I mean nothing can get rid of the malicious stubbly hairs like an epilator. I currently have got a cordless Panasonic one which you can use on both dry and wet skin (personally I can't see much difference) - it wasn't overwhelmingly expensive (these things are like laptops nowadays - by the time you pay at the till the price has dropped by £50, urgh) and it serves its purpose ingeniously. Before someone brings up the pain question - yes, it hurts like shit but after a few epilating sessions you won't feel a thing. You might even be able to do your bikini line without crying! 

Despite epilators being oh so awesome, they do leave a bit of stubble. In fact, any sort of hair removal I've tried does. You know - you shaved/epilated/waxed/whatever but there's still thins bumpy feel when you touch your leg/armpit/knicker line. And it's annoying. Until one day I got a press release for this new swanky tool called Soften Her which is basically a really really soft sand paper pad for your stubble. Well that sounds attractive! After giving this a whirl it became an ultimate part of my hair removal kit. It comes in a form of soft pink pad (a little bit like a make-up removal cotton pad) which you use in circular motions on areas with stubble. The pad works as an exfoliating tool as well as it softens all the stubbly hairs. It also helps with ingrown hair, which can be real pain! Read more about Soften Her here - the advertising will probably make you giggle but the product is a little streak of genius, I'm telling you!

Finally - a moisturiser. I hate using cream or butter moisturisers after epilating. They just make my skin go all rashy and itchy and horrid. I prefer oils - either your basic rose oil or some of the more luxe oils such as Nuxe or Caudalie - they smell lush and the ingredients in them are not aggressive to my skin.   

What are your tips for easy hair removal?
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