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For the second instalment of the 'style staples' series (read nummero uno here - all about trench coats) I decided to go for something less wardrobe-obvious, sometimes unfortunately pushed to the back of your mind but even more important on days like today - when the sun is shining and your knobbly knees are turning red. Oh yes, we're gonna be talking sunglasses.

I'm not gonna preach here about the sunglass religion unless I make a confession first. I used to not care about sunglasses at all. And by that I mean - I didn't even own a pair of sunglasses until something like 3 years ago? *hangs head in shame* I know, I know - I deserve a slap. No wonder I'm as blind as a bat. Christ. Bear in mind - I had a handful of very reasonable excuses. 

... sunglasses make my ears stick out (even more)
... I don't live on the equator, hence I don't need them
... it's not that sunny outside (because 35 degrees is not caused by blazing sun, obviously)
... sunglasses make my nose sweat and leave funny dents in it
... they're too fragile, I'll break them
... it's another thing to carry (because sunglasses make your handbag oh-so-heavy) 
... my eyebrows are sticking out above them in a funny way
... they just don't suit my face shape (head shape, nose shape etc)

What a pain in the butt, right? But seriously - sunglasses also protect you from the UVA & UVB rays which means they protect your eye sight. Are you often getting headaches while sunbathing? It might not be (just) a heat stroke - it's likely that the headache's coming from your eyes which are not shaded by a pair of sunglasses. And if you find a shape you enjoy wearing, they can look pretty darn fashionable, too!

How to find a pair that suits you?
Go to a shop & try on all the different shapes you see. If you're feeling a bit shy then I say go to Primarni and buy a handful of different pairs of sunglasses. You can try wearing all the different shapes until you find one that you feel really comfortable with. 

What's my favourite shape of sunglasses and why? 
After a few epic fails (no, massive sunglasses do not suit me, neither do round lenses *sigh*) I found my comfort in aviators. They are really easy to wear because they are quite bold but in an non-outrageous way bold. Now, I'm not usually the one to stick up for designer brands if there's a more affordable dupe available but sunglasses are one of a few very rare exceptions. It's the shape, the quality of protection against UVA/UVB, the quality of the lenses. In the very first picture you can see my little collection so far - the real Raybans stand out even in the photograph - the lenses are much clearer and especially the blue mirrored lens is much brighter in colour & reflection than the unbranded one. And that's obviously just the visual difference. What I also love about Raybans are the colourful mirrored lenses - they pull outfits together like nothing else! Even when I'm wearing just a tee & a pair of jeans, the pair with blue reflective lenses makes it much more fun & as if I put more effort in styling my outfit. BAM! 
The blue/matte gold Raybans are my newest pair - courtesy of the Sunglasses Shop (they have literally thousands of different sunglasses in their online store) - you can read more about this pair here - and you know what?  

You can win this exact pair of Raybans for yourself! Wohooo!    


Open internationally, starting 18/05/2014 & running for a week, there will be one winner only. All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter widget below (the first two entries are mandatory & the rest is just to give you more chances to collect some additional entries). GO GO GO!! 
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And if you're too lazy for this giveaway hullah, then feel free to go on the Sunglasses Shop website (click here) and admire their Rayban collection from afar (or get yourself a pair with your own monies - there's more than 500 different styles of Raybans to choose from, WHAAAT?!).

Rayban 3025 Aviator

Rayban 3025 Aviator
Look at the handsome little fella checking them out!

Disclosure: I was provided the blue Raybans for a review, and the giveaway is obviously a courtesy of the Sunglasses Shop! Thank you! 

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