April favourites
So I've got a new full time job. And it's actually fuller time than I'd expected it to be. *sigh* Hopefully gettin' into the swing of things will make it a bit easier to me (and will make my brains less tired at the end of the day) and I'll be able to get back to more regular blogging. For now - my April favourites, woohoo! Including both beauty and non-beauty bits & bobs.    

Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia (£3, E-bay): After the disappointment of a book called Parisian Chic (an utterly useless piece of book, read about it here) I was a bit wary to to pick up another style book. I found this one via a Czech blog called Plum Foolery (one of my favourite blogs - the girl seems really lovely and down to earth), and since it was just £3 on E-bay I decided to pick it up. And let me tell you - what an excellent book! It gives you some really sensible style advice, no 'go & buy this in that and that shop' but more like - don't be scared to put a romantic dress with biker boots for an edgy look, or don't combine too many trends together as it can look trashy etc. Some of it is common sense, the rest is really inspirational and almost educational, I'd say. Big like!   
boho necklace (£4, Primark): If you've read this blog post about my recently discovered boho jewellery love, you will understand why this Primarni necklace is my favourite. Apart from it bein' a stunning piece of jewellery, it also dresses up a plain tee to a whole new level! BAM! 
floral trousers (£14, Asda): After putting together this Asda wishlist, every single grocery shop turned into a hunt for those floral trousers. And it was so worth it! They are so comfortable and unlike most of these baggy trousers you get from high street shops, these actually work amazingly as office-wear. And they are the best piece of clothing when you need to go day to night within minutes! 
Cookie's bow-tie: If you're following me on Instagram then you surely know why. Follow me here.
Japenese Yachiyo make-up brush (£5.40, E-bay): When I was buying my set of kabuki brushes off E-bay some time ago, this one popped up. It's pretty much the special edition Nars kabuki brush that was quite trendy about a year ago or so, I believe. As crazy as it looks, it's like a magic wand for your blusher. Because of the tapered shape and extremely soft bristles, it applies the blusher as a flush rather than a slap on your cheeks, even despite your heavy hand. Definitely something you want to be looking into if you're struggling with naturally looking blush application.    
Bourjois 3D Effet lipgloss in Rose Chimeric (£7.99, Superdrug/Boots): This is quite a nostalgic affair of mine (not expiration-date-wise, don't worry!). I got this purely because I was feeling a bit homesick and I remember the first Bourjois product I've ever had. It was a lipgloss in the same packaging (one of the very first ones with a golden lid), the shade was a golden bronze colour and my mum got it for me in Sephora when she went to Paris for a business trip. It was way before Bourjois was in Czech drugstores the way it is now and if I remember right it cost something like 20 euro back then, crazy! These lipglosses always make me think of my mum & Paris.  
Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3 (£4, Makeup Revolution): I got sent a few bits from Makeup Revolution and absolutely fell in love with their mono eyeshadows (read more here). I was a bit unsure about the palettes though - my favourite palette of all times is Stile In the Light (review here) and it's just so hard to beat it when it comes to quality of the pigment. Nevertheless, the Iconic 3 palette is meant to be quite a decent dupe of the Naked 3 and the colours look so pretty so I got tempted and played around with a bit more. At first I couldn't get this palette to work with my brushes, especially the shimmery shades, but believe it or not - it works wonderfully with the applicator it comes with. Rather than using a brush, try to pat the eyeshadow gently onto your eye lid. Voila! And they are pretty longlasting too! 
Stella McCartney Summer (£33.99, Fragrance Direct): This is my second bottle of this fragrance. That says it all. 
Optrex eye drops: These are some swanky new eye drops from Optrex I found in Boots a few weeks back. Since I'm sitting at the computer at least 9 hours a day (no joke, unfortunately) eye drops are a must. I have a few different types which I rotate and these are my favourite kind at the moment (just be careful - you can't use them every day as these are the brightening type).        

What have you enjoyed in April?
If you've made a blog post about your favourites, leave your link below & I'll read it!
April favourites

April favourites