Hair styling products umberto giannini review

Lately I've been enjoying doin' a bit more when it comes to hair styling. I even stocked up on a lot of hair styling products, believe it or not! Apart from a few bits & bobs from L'Oreal and Dove, it because quite obvious which hair styling range is my favourite - Umberto Giannini Glam Hair. You're probably thinking - but erm, this girl doesn't really do this whole 'glam hair' thing, why this range? So why did I take fancy in this brand?


Ditch the Dirt Volume shampoo (£5.61, Boots): Ditch the Dirt is not a shampoo I would be using on a regular basis - it's more of a deep cleanse shampoo for when your hair has had a lot of products applied to it and you need to get rid of the horrendous greasy/stickiness.
Plump & Sexy Volume conditioner (£5.61, Boots): The same goes for the Plump & Sexy Volume conditioner - it works the best with the above shampoo, especially when applied to the ends of your hair. It makes your hair a bit of a mess if you apply it to the roots, but just like with every conditioner, it might work great for you that way, so it's worth trying what suits your hair the best. 
Morning After dry shampoo (£6, Boots): One of the best dry shampoos I've ever used. Batiste can go, well, far far away. It doesn't leave your hair mucky and sticky and with white residue. On contrary - your hair will have that extra day of non-greasiness and it will smell, oh, so nice!
Rock 'N' Roll Extreme hairspray (£6, Boots): This is the only hair spray that I can actually brush out without leaving white sandy bits in my hair. It provides good hold - not too stiff but it still holds curls nicely, and it smells so luxurious - like a hair perfume, but better!
Rock Hard spray gel (£5.61, Boots): This spray gel changed my view on the gel world. I mean, you automatically assume that you can't use hair gel. Oh no no no. Turns out it's the best thing ever for smoothing your braided up-do's and givin' them that sleek sophisticated edge. Bam! 
Massive Mousse (£6, Boots): I'm not too fussed about mousse as a part of my hair styling routine - I really only ever use it for when I'm going out in the evening and want my hair to be a tad more 'shapeable' in its wild un-tied-up form. 

Overall, I'm really happy with this brand, especially with the dry shampoo, the hair spray and the spray gel - they are the best products by far. 

Next up I'm eyeing their sea salt spray - have you tried it?

hair styling products for braided hair
Disclaimer: Some of these products were given to me for a review, some of them I bought. Thank you Mr Giannini!