How to blog on the go effectively

If you are a blogger AND you also have a full time job (and possibly a cat or two), then you know that time management is the magic formula of your life. It just ain't easy to find balance between your job, your family & friends, some sort of healthy lifestyle (I wish), your hobbies and your blog. I've been perfecting the blogging routine for over 5 years now, and finally, finally I'm gettin' somewhere. Based on my experience - the best thing you can do is to get a tablet (who doesn't own an iPad these days?) with a little keyboard (because you can't possibly type anything on the bloody screen) & blog from the train, a Lidl car park or the queue at the post office. LIFE SORTED.

When I have a day off, I take as many pictures as I can (usually a week's worth) and upload them to Blogger. Unfortunately, I don't have time to sit down for 546924 hours & write up all my posts in advance as I'd love to - instead I have to do other standard adult things - laundry, shopping, washing my car cat. The following day at work I just nip into Starbucks or hide in the back room for my lunch break & get my bloggin' head on. A little notepad with all my notes, things to do & ideas of the day - tick. A tablet - tick. A tablet keyboard - tick. Install a Blogger app & just type away (that is if the blogger app works for you ehm). I tend to open Notes & type in there because I can't really deal with the blogger app - and because my Notes are synced with my Mac I can just copy & paste the text once on the laptop.

Since the creation of this post some 3 years ago my old trusty Kensington keyboard gave up on life - it lost the keys the way old people lose their teeth. It wasn't a nice sight. As a replacement I got this one - a tad cheaper (only £13) & does the job just fine!

What's your blogging routine?
Do you schedule loads of blog posts on one day or do you just go with the flow?

Updated: November 2016