Everyone likes a good bargain, right? Although I do love high end products, I'm one of those annoying people that will talk about a product for months & months, moan how much I want it, but never get it because I just can't part with the sum of money the retailer wants for it. Since I'm a self-proclaimed bargain hunter, I still do get my pretty things every now & then, just don't pay that much. Apart from sites such as E-bay and Asos Marketplace, one of my most favourite bargain websites is Fragrance Direct. Here's a little taster of what crazy deals you can get on your favourite nail polishes

1) Essie (£7.99-9.99 £2.50-2.99): Essie is my top favourite brand of nail polishes at the moment - I'm sure you'll agree that it's hard to resist all the hype that's flying around on the blogs. I'm more than reluctant to pay the full price though - so grab yourself a bargain and get 3 nail polishes for the price of 1! You can choose from standard colour range (click here) to base coats & treatments (click here) and even the snake skin effect nail polishes (click here).  
2) Sally Hansen (£4.99-5.99 £1.49): Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Salon nail polishes come in massive 14.7ml bottles - and they cost only a little bit more than what'd you pay in Poundland (click here). You can also get their usually slightly more expensive range Insta Dri for the same price (click here). There are loads of other swanky Sally Hansen products on the website - treatments, cuticle creams, tools & what not.
3) L'Oreal (£4.99 £1.30): The (probably) tiniest bottles of nail polish ever - L'Oreal Colour Riche - have been recently poppin' up in Poundland, but it you can't find the colour you want or just can't be bothered to browse Poundlands, there's quite a selection available here
4) Rimmel (£4.49 £1.50): The Salon Pro & Kate Moss range have been hyped up by quite a few bloggers in the past year (mostly by the likes of Vivianna Does Makeup & Lilly Pebbles), but if you refuse to pay almost a fiver per bottle, you can grab them here for just £1.50.
5) OPI (£7.99-13.95 £3.99-4.50): When I started blogging OPI was the nail polish brand to buy. If you still love the brand, but almost £14 per bottle seems a tad too much, you can get them for £3.99 here. There's also a range of Nicole by OPI polishes available for just a little bit more (click here). 
6) Maybelline Colorshow (£3.99 £0.60): I'm not a huge fan of Maybelline nail polishes, but hey - for 60p?! (click here)
7) Revlon (£5.99 £0.99): Just like the L'Oreal nail polishes, you can find these in your local Poundland - but why look endlessly for the shade you want when you can do two three clicks online and get them there. They even have some more exciting shades available, e.g. Stunning glitter (click here)
8) Orly (£10.95 £3.99): There is a massive range of Orly nail polishes available here. SO MANY COLOURS (42 to be precise). They actually sell the mini Orlies in Boots for something like £5 - but then you can get a full sized bottle instead for fragment of that price!
9) Bourjois (£5.99 £0.99): I think I've only tried Bourjois nail polish once, and I wasn't exactly swept off my feet - but for 99p, one can't really complain. See the full range here.
10) Maybelline Forever Strong (£3.99 £1.50): Not a massive discount, but still - you can get 2 nail polishes for the price of 1. The range includes even the bloggers' favourite Ceramic Blue shade! (click here)
11) Dr Lewinns (£13 £4.95): The other day I was looking for something at Debenhams and spotted these little nail treatments. Woah, they are pretty pricey! I haven't heard much about them, but considering the price tag, they should be rather good. Click here to see what treatments you can get for the discounted price.
12) Becca (£12 £2.99): So many blog posts about Becca lately! And I haven't even heard about that brand before. If you are a fan and can appreciate the discount, there are a few shades of Becca nail polishes available here

Hope this helps & you find yourself some super duper bargain!