Lately me & Justin have been looking at few bits & bobs that would make our super small (but uber cosy) place a bit more unique. Apart from the amazing Phrenology head (don't know what a Phrenology head is? check out this one from John Lewis!), we've been eyeing a few more gems for our bedroom

Furry rug (£48, Hush Hush): We already have one in the bedroom, but since we have moved the bedroom furniture around, it would be nice to have another one. Or maybe one of those really furry rugs, because oh God, I hate the carpets that are in our flat. Urgh. 
Animal lamp (£50, Next): I've reorganized my make-up table quite drastically - it's not a table anymore, it's a chest of drawers now! So instead of fairy lights & God knows what, I really need a decent pretty lamp. I'm in love with animal decorations at the moment, so anything that's half a deer, half a rabbit, half a squirrel will make me beyond happy. This one from Next is just too cute - but maybe a little bit too posh for our little place?! 
Vintage clock (£70, Hush Hush): We already have a clock in the living room which is from Ikea - one of those that you can put together like puzzles - Justin made ours look like Africa - oh boy.
Red tea light lantern (£2, Ikea): We actually bought this bad boy on our latest trip to Ikea. It costs £2 - how absolutely ridiculous. I may have been running around with it for a bit just screaming that it can't be so cheap. *maybe* You put a little tea light in it & it looks just so magical & pretty!
Diffusers & candles (£6, Hush Hush): You can't have enough diffusers & candles. Like, never. Not only that I'm a chronic hoarder of Yankee tarts, my eye sometimes wanders off & sets itself on pretty candles like these from Hush Hush - they smell like rosemary, thyme & sage - perfect kitchen candles, I say, mmm! 
Cookie den (£30, Next): I know, I know, Cookie already has a massive den in our living room which costs something ridiculous like £100 (I hate you Pets at Home - but hey he LOVES it and sleeps on it every single day), but he sometimes likes sleeping in our bedroom & there's nothing to sleep on for him (except our bed, and that doesn't exactly go down well when Justin finds Cookie snuggling the sheets, oops!). 

Have you seen any cute home decor bits & bobs lately?