I'm getting into the winter spirit too quickly this year, way too quickly. But hey, I've been trying to improve my time management and planning skills, so here ya go - I need to be ready for this winter well in advance. Even when it comes to buying adorable fluffy fashion pieces (can you actually call furry wrap ups with ears & paws a fashion piece?). Some of you might think that furry hooded scarves are too juvenile to be even considered by adults, but trust me, there's nothing more comfortable and warm than these when snowy blizzards hit the UK. 

What's more, being a little bit of an animal is apparently still in this winter (just like being a deer for this Halloween)! *big sigh of relief* You can get these pretty furry hooded scarves in loads of high street stores, such as Claire's, Primarni or River Island (all the above are from Claire's).    

And what else is gonna be in this winter? BEING A FURBY!! Oh dear, you can't even imagine my face when I saw these Furby accessories on Claire's website. And here we go - a side story of today: how I fell in love with Furby. As a child I never had a Furby (doh, I'm from Czech Republic - I doubt they were in shops back in the day). Then I moved to the UK and as soon as I managed to open an E-bay account I search for an abandoned little Furby and adopted him. Yes, you adopt Furbies, you don't just buy them. After a few rounds of Twinkle, twinkle, little start, I realized how flippin' scary Furbies can be, took out batteries and passed it on to Cookie to play with. Mr Franklin (naming Furbies after American presidents makes them at least ten times scarier, by the way) is in good hands now, Cookie's a good daddy to him. BUT - I still love Furbies to death and everything Furby-like makes me scream with excitement (& just a hint of fear). How sweet are these Furby beanies?! *jumps up & down like a child*

Shhhhh - and you know what? You can be a FURBY for this HALLOWEEN!! 
Are you a fan of animal inspired winter accessories or are they too childish for you?