This autumn I'm absolutely hooked on burgundy. Probably a little bit too much. But hey - can there be enough of maroon, burgundy & deep red in autumn? Naaah! This autumn inspiration features a beautiful affordable evening gown with some more luxurious bits & bobs and a simple flawless make-up look with a bold lip.   


long evening gown: The other day someone at work asked me where to get an affordable but rather traditional long evening gown & let me tell you, I struggled. I struggled big time. After a bit of research - no, there are no traditional but pretty gowns for a decent price available on high street, and when I was about to give up - this website popped up. You can get loads & loads of evening dresses as well as cocktail dresses on there for something like £20-40. What a bargain! You don't have to wrap yourself in leather & feathers to look glamorous - once in a while the occasion comes when you can look like a stunning princess in a full gown (and you don't have to ruin your bank account at the same time, ha!)
fur shrug: It's quite a task to find a pretty fur shrug (or even a gilet) that wouldn't make you look like a sheep or a mountain dog. This one is actually from a website that sells dance-wear, can you believe that? Always keep your eyes peeled for furry pieces - they are hard to find!
black faux leather heels: Oh, how surprising - these heels are from no other place than the infamous Zara. Although - lately I've been seein' so many beautiful heels in the mighty Primarni, that maybe girls should not necessarily stick to the Zara trend, just maybe.  
black faux leather clutch: Another Primarni gem - seriously, if you didn't know that this is from Primark, what brand would you guess?
bangles & earrings: The serious glamour that comes with this gorgeous dress means no overly dangly, blingy jewellery. Go for simple but bold golden toned pieces - geometrical shapes can't do any harm either! 

flawless base: Glamorous night most likely means more than an i-phone snap or two, so a flawless skin is a must (unless your second name is a porcelain doll). Vichy Dermablend is the only full coverage foundation I use because it is specially developed to combat skin troubles as well as create the fantastic flawless effect.   
glowing cheeks: Nars. Plus. Orgasm. Equals. Too much glamour. Ahaaa, nah. You can never have enough of shimmery glamour on your face. Has anyone ever realized that you put Orgasm on your face? That's such a sexistic euphemism! Has Nars been founded by a bloke by any chance?!
doll eyes: We are going for a flawless base & very bold lips, so all your eyes need is a flick of an eyeliner & thick black lashes - my current favourites are from Eyeko - their mascaras are ze best!
bold red lips: Topshop keeps bringing out new & new shades of their lipsticks - one of the newest ones being Wicked. It was out at one point as a limited edition, but I believe that now it's a part of their core collection. A gorgeous deep berry maroon colour, nom!
sleek black nails: Essie Licorice. Nuff said.

Where would you shop for a long evening gown if you were in a need of one?