Last week I was on about the extra step I added into my skin care routine - a revitalising skin tonic by G Baldwin & Co. After an additional week or two of using the tonic, I have to say that the results are even more noticeable - my skin feels so much fresher and plump! Toner is a product that really wakes me up. Now because I sometimes have to get up before 5am for work, I thought it'd be ideal to carry around a spritz (basically a toner in a form of spray) which you can use whenever you find yourself noddin' off. Here are my current favourites:   

Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz (£4.99, Boots): The budget one. You can pick it up in most of Boots stores and because of its plastic packaging, it won't turn your handbag into a sack full of bricks. I find it really refreshing with a subtle fresh rose scent, which is probably the least noticeable among the three. As to other benefits - because of the rose ingredient, it tightens pores & removes impurities when used on a cotton pad.
Pukka Organic Rosewater (£11.45, G Baldwin & Co): The posh one. Much stronger scented, but still pleasantly rose-y (the smell is very similar to what roses smell like when you boil the blossoms in water - yup, I used to make my own soap & little perfume when me & my mum were on a bit of a DIY wave). Because the bottle is made of glass and therefore is quite heavy (but about million times prettier than the Botanics one *shhhh*), I tend to keep it on the top of my dressing table, and occasionally I put it in the fridge for a few minutes, which makes it an absolute dream to use.   
Saloos Lime Mint Spritz (£3, DM): The foreign non-rose-y one. Only rarely can you find a face spritz that would not have rose water in it. Saloos is one of them. It's made purely from Lime Mint (a herb that's much more popular in Czech Republic than in the UK), and therefore has a number of unique benefits. You can use it not only on your face, but also on your hair - it helps to detangle it, and you can also use it to calm skin after shaving. Why don't they sell it in the UK, that's a mystery to me. *sob sob*

What's your favourite toning spritz?
How do you keep yourself fresh in this gloomy autumn weather?