You all know how hooked I am on unique not-enough-recognized brands, don't ya? Napiers Herbalists is one of them. Here's a little introduction to the company, to their daughter brand Belif & some of their key products.

Duncan Napier, a herbalist & botanist from Edinburgh, Scotland, opened his first shop & clinic in 1860. The aim of his was to provide an affordable but natural health care for everyone, and to truly put effort & expertise into developing top quality products. Over 150 years & dozens of highly educated medical herbalists later - the brand is still independent (there are only three high street stores up to this date) and still run by people who really believe & keep the original philosophy of Napiers alive. The company is so proud of their roots that you can actually buy a book (click here) which tells you everything about the Napiers heritage & history! 

Napiers products that especially caught my attention is this the Calendula & Marshmallow Salve (calendula is currently becomin' one of my top favourite herbs in skincare products), the Marigold Mouthwash (can mouthwash sound any more exciting?!) & the Rose Bath Essence (the most beautiful thing that can be standing on the edge of your bath tub).  

Belif is based on the very same philosophy as Napiers, however it has the element of modern science added to it. Belif skin care is all about believing in true benefits of raw ingredients and the heritage of Napiers' expertise. These products seem to be very popular in Asia, especially in Korea, Japan & China, which obviously gave me a nudge of even more interest! I've tried a few of their products through the generous samples the company provides and my top picks are the Hungarian Water Essence (as if you'd have to ask me twice whether I want to use something inspired by Elizabeth Bathory*, tut tut!), the True Cream Aqua Bomb (not sure whether it's the ingredients - Lady's Mantle, or the gel-like texture my skin loves so much, but either way it's the turbo hydratant in this range), the First Aid Anti-Hangover Mask (not only that this mask helps with hangover roughness, it also helps when you're feelin' all meh & tired, literally wakes you up like a slap in the face, in the nicest way possible, as soon as you put it on!) & the Sugar Coat Lip Balm (healthy & hydrated lips with a little help of chickweed - who knew you can make lip balms with it?!).

All products are available on the Napiers website and have pretty reasonable price tags. Definitely a brand you should keep your eye on!           

Have you discovered any exciting brand lately?
If you blogged about it, share the link below please! I'm a nosey git like that. 

*Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian Queen who allegedly bathed in blood of virgins because she never got old - so Hungarians say. The Czech movie about her is brilliant! *nudge nudge hint hint*