I'm really difficult to please when it comes to 'classic' items - both in the make-up drawer and in my wardrobe. I find it incredibly hard to buy a black eye liner that would make me truly happy with all its attributes (currently I do think it is the Collection felt tip one, but still - it's not the one) and the same goes for little black dresses. I know everyone should have one and I do feel a bit of pressure lately as I've had a few occasions where I would have been grateful to have a pretty little black number on hand (instead I forked out a fuchsia-floral combo, maybe that's why the whole day went downhill, aha!). I haven't seen any really nice LBD's on high street at the moment, no, no. So maybe the internet could help? Maybe a website called Little Black Dress could help? *hint hint*
My idea of the perfect little black dress is rather complicated. I'm not sure it's even feasible, but one thing is clear - in my head it looks pretty damn simple! So what do I want from my perfect LBD?
  • three quarter sleeves
  • above the knee length
  • V shape neckline which is not too low (no titties hang out for me!) but not too high either
  • shift dress shape but not too loose - possibly clinging onto my figure in the right places only
  • thick quality material, but not stiff
  • leather detailing (or no extra detailing at all, just plain little-black-dressness)
Is it really that hard to make a dress like this? *clasps hands in despair* Apparently so. Nevertheless, Little Black Dress got as close as possible in fulfilling my LBD wish. Their range is so wide that it would be a bit strange if you couldn't pick at least one dress you like. Their black dresses are stunning - most of them are the right length for me, with some leather detailing and most of them come in flattering shapes. The range is rather high end (so the dress should stay in your wardrobe for at least a few seasons!), however you can find some £30 bargains on there too! Although the website's name hints that the main focus is on black dresses - you can also find a category labeled 'evening dress' on there with a wide selection of red, nude and other evening dresses for special occasions. 

Where's your LBD from?
Have you posted a LBD outfit on your blog? Share it with me & other below!