Guess it ain't the best when you go all matchy-matchy every single day but once in a while it's perfectly fine to match at least some aspects of your wardrobe. Obviously this requires planning to a certain extent, and you won't be able to match a lot if you're gettin' up for your 6am train & slappin' on as little make-up as you can (unless you're a matchin' pro, right). Check out my shoe/make-up/jewellery matching ability below - it ain't all that bad me thinks!
An obvious matchin' duo are shoes & your handbag - but I find these sometimes a bit too obvious - c'mon, you're more creative than that! So what about matching your shoes with your make-up &/or jewellery? Could we make this a new trend, hey? To illustrate my new trend setting skills, I picked something from Geox collection - the above shoes come in three different colours and each pair comes in three different shades of the base colour - which makes it much easier to match, watch!

  • BLUE: Blue is a great colour choice for summer - ya know, water, swimmin' & all that aqua jazz. In addition, there are about million blue tones so you're sure to pick up a one that's gonna suit you! Clinique has just brought out new chubby eye sticks - which are apparently the perfect eye product to pop into your summer make-up bag and if you're goin' for a night out you can use the infamous Rimmel Scandal eye pencils - creamy & won't smudge - at least Kate says so, right! If you're not feeling blue brave, you can just get a little ring with blue gem - this Primark one cost about £1.50 - cheap & cheerful, innit!    
  • MONOCHROME: Monochrome is for the cool ones. And the boring ones (like me). No colour scare goin' on, it's all safe, black & white, and gray if you're one of the more creative ones. To add a bit of an edge to the dullness - go for a black lipstick maybe? Lord & Berry and Illamasqua sell them! Or just a pop of fake eye lashes? Cat Wink eye lashes won't fail you, if anything they are super cute with little winky kittens on the packaging & that is what matters, haha! Or just a swanky statement necklace? They have got some ah-mazing ones on sale in Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and even Boots at the moment.
  • CORAL: Coral is probably one of my favourite colours ever, if not the most favourite one. Everything coral makes my heart skip a little bit! I haven't been using anything else lately other than Essie's Hip-anema nail polish, Bourjois chubby stick in Peach on the Beach and Benefit's Cha Cha tint. Or you can always go back to some statement jewellery - these triangle necklaces are super cheap on E-bay!
See? It is that simple! And it's also pretty useful because planning like this makes you use products you already own but tend to forget about most of the time - e.g. I almost never use blue anything. I do own a pair of blue shoes though, so using the above technique might make me use some of my blue eye shadows or eye pencils more! Yes!

 Do you sometimes get a bit creative with matching?
Do you prefer goin' matchy-matchy or just wild with all the colours of the rainbow at once?