Yesterday I had a little ramble on about a shoe designer work, particularly the one by Giuseppe Zanotti, so I thought that today I could express some of my thoughts on fashion clothes designs. Have you heard about Todd Lynn before? He's a rather fascinating young designer from Canada, currently based in London, who's work is very futuristic & silhouette-focused.

Todd Lynn (I honestly can't figure him out - his name sounds Scandinavian to me and his work looks Scandinavian to me, but he's Canadian living in the UK, hmm) creates designs specifically for music industry - particularly for hardcore stars like Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones, Bono from U2, Marilyn Manson & Courtney Love, just to name a few. His style is very 'hard' for an eye, almost dark I would say, very very futuristic. I contrast to Giuseppe Zanotti - you're more than likely not goin' to be wearing Todd's dresses unless you're a right rock star! Todd himself describes his work as a hybrid fusion of perfect tailoring & casual deconstruction, which is spot on what you feel when you look at his pieces. Some of his dresses are almost wearable for an average mortal human - like the two middle dresses above. They remind me of Zara very much! Guess we know where Zara designers take their inspiration from? Ha! You can actually get some of his pieces for yourself from a few online stores - his ultra modern summer dresses are available from Avenue32, for instance. Although, to be honest, I quite like his autumn/winter collections a little bit more than his summer pieces - the a/w season seems way more wearable & classic to me, and the fact that Todd adds fur & leather (for good measure, he says) is right up my alley!

Have you ever heard of Todd Lynn before?
What do you think about wearability of designer collections?