While I was all into the debate on the weasel wool (& because I got back some of my tax refund, yay!), I started contemplating on changing up my wardrobe a little bit. Gettin' maybe a few more expensive (more expensive means better quality, right?) to get rid of the weekly urge to buy yet another H&M vest top which is goin' to fall apart after 2 washes (yes, they all do that *sigh*). That's when I came across Giuseppe Zanotti, an Italian shoe designer who designs the swankiest shoesies woesies. Trust me.  

Giuseppe Zanotti, a former DJ, started his shoe designing career in 1980s and worked his way from a little company to designing for giants such as Valentino & Thierry Mugler. His first boutique opened in 2000 in Milan and later on Giuseppe Zanotti managed to expand his emporium to more than 50 stores all over the world! That's called a success story, innit! 

His designs are very contemporary & unique - above is just the tiniest fragment of his work. Obviously these are designer pieces for designer prices (nothing that falls into my spending category *double sigh*), but you can get more than inspired by the elegance & chic of his ideas. I absolutely love the metal buckles - such a simple detail, but easily takes such unloved (by me) shoes like sneakers into a whole new level. Personally, I'm not a sneaker person. I just feel like wearing sneakers takes me back into my teenage years of fashion horrors when I was a little bit (read way WAY too much!) of a tomboy with a short hair-do, baggy army trousers & a khaki tank top *uber-cringe*. Add a little solid silver or golden cuff on a white sneaker and I'm on it like a fly on a... poo. Seriously, so eye catching! I'm thinking about making a teensy DIY project on these, shouldn't be too difficult, whatcha think? And I don't care that people gonna call me Justin Bieber like they did when I got sneaker platforms (yes, I did like them!). If you're too posh for a DIY, you can get Giuseppe Zanotti in Zalando, at the moment there's a huge selection of his sneakers. Zalando in general has become quite a popular website lately, hasn't it? They have quite a selection of things - my favourite section (apart from these schmexy buckled up sneakers, obviously) is their home department, some real gems on there, yo!

Do you sometimes get inspired by designers?
Who's your favourite shoe designer?