One might say that this a proper festival hair with all the flowers and beachy waves goin' on, but since I don't really do festivals yet I still like wearing flowers in my hair, I thought I may as well share this funky summer hair style with you. And I've added a few make-up bits - attempting a bit of a fairy colourful look. Read on & you'll find my favourite true purple lipstick, the most beautiful floral hair accessories & a pair of swanky budget hair straighteners!

I'm makin' it sound like this is goin' to be some master tutorial on some extremely complex summer braided up hair do with complicated twists and knots. In fact it really is super simple, but in all honesty, it's sometimes quite difficult to incorporate floral headbands into a hair style without looking like a Tinkerbell. Mine is from Beauxoxo - Georgie's pieces are very subtle and I see them as wearable, which is not something you can always say about hair flowers - e.g. I do like the ones from Primarni, but man, they are far from the quality of Beauxoxo!     

 How do we go about to make the hair style I'm sporting in the picture above? After you've washed your hair, use Fudge Root Juice*. Massage a handful of the product into your roots and blow-dry. Now you've got a solid (not literally, don't worry) base for your hair style. Then take some good quality hair straighteners (or curlers if you're high tech like that) - I'm using Love Label hair straighteners* - they cost only £27 at the moment & are very much comparable to my Cloud 9 hair straighteners, in quality, design and they way they handle my thick wire-like hair. Curl your hair into loose curls, and pay some attention to the bangs at the front - because that's the part you need to be soft & easy to work with! After you place the floral headband where you feel it sits the best, tuck in your bangs behind the band just above your ear and secure with a bobi pin or two. Finally, to secure the curls and add it a bit of a beach look, spray some Fudge Salt Spray* all over it.   

On my face I used as little as possible - Vichy Idealia BB cream*, which is light enough for this summer heat, but has got a little bit of coverage too. It also has got SPF so you don't have to feel guilty about some afternoon sunbathing. I also used Garnier roll-on under my eyes, MUA Pretty Pastels pallete, Revlon mascara, Benefit Highbeam & Topshop cream blush in Head Over Heels.   

On my lips I'm wearing a true purple shade - Deborah Milano Red lipstick in number 14*. A beautiful, cheerful purple lipstick which feels so silky & creamy on lips, doesn't dry your lips out and although it does not have the best staying power, it doesn't fade in patches and still gives a nice wash of colour even after a few hours.  

Are you a flower girl or do you think floral headbands belong to fairies and festivals only?