I'm so annoyed that the summer in the UK has been so rubbish so far! And what's even more frustrating is that it is about 30 degrees in Czech Republic at the moment but by the time we get there it's apparently gonna get colder. *sigh* To make up for the lack of sunshine I've been slappin' on more bronzer than I should, wearing cheerful coral tops & neon earrings and goin' for a sweat-proof summer look which is rather redundant in this rain. I've also discovered an ombre-creating lipstick from Oriflame, which seems to compliment the whole bronzed skin business quite nicely.
You're probably gonna be less than surprised when I say that I pretty much stopped using any foundations and BB creams apart from one - the one is the Ginvera BB cream. If I say I'm on some 4th tube of it, it's more than self-explanatory. I use it together with C452 Crownbrush which makes it look really flawless and neat on the skin. Because I don't think you need any more added colour other than the bronzer and lipstick, I only lightly accentuated my brows with Fashionista Brow Kit and left my eyes very much plain with a thick coat of mascara (on that one a bit later!).
Now to the first hero of the day - Famous Shimmer Brick in Lady Shimmer. I think I've had this gem since these shimmer bricks launched and I've been in love with it since. There's something magical about a shimmer brick, isn't it? They not only look beautiful product-wise but also create a very unique effect - it's that dewy glow that I can't seem to be able to achieve when using just foundation & highlighter. Lady Shimmer is definitely a product I would buy over & over again if I ever run out - and I believe most brands that create these shimmer bricks must be worth it, from Collection to Bobbi Brown.
Another gem is this Oriflame Triple Core 3D lipstick (mine is in Nude Peach). Admittedly, it does a bit yucky after I used it *oops* but in fact it's a really clever invention worth trying - especially now in the age of ombre! The science behind is fairly simple:

3 cores:
  • the outer core is the darkest & therefore contours your lips
  • the centre core is the base colour - much lighter than the contour but dark enough to create a dimension 
  • the middle core is the lightest out of the three - the picture doesn't give it away but at the beginning it was almost white shimmer which creates the true 3D ombre effect on your lips  
This Triple Core 3D lipstick work as an easy option when you want to create an ombre effect on your lips but can't be bothered to play with brushes and different lip products! In addition to the interesting effect (which lasts up to an hour on me), the lipstick is very moisturizing and feels nice on lips!

Finally, the new Oriflame 2FX Over Black mascara. Yet again - a rather intriguing concept - a two in one mascara which adds volume and length. I could not get my head around how this mascara works at first but eventually it clicked, ha! You can see my swanky demonstration below - it basically has got a double cap - you can open either the top cap or the bottom one, depending on what effect you're wishing for - depending on what amount of mascara you wish to have on the wand. One would say this might be a rather gimmicky concept, but I think it does work quite well and is based on common sense - the more product on the wand the more volume and vice versa. Most of the times I use the volumizing part for my upper lashes and the lengthening for my lower lashes - it's really easy to work with, doesn't flake or smudge and for the price of less than £7 it's an absolute bargain!
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What's your favourite bronzer for summer?