We shall all agree that Korean cosmetics is beyond describable cuteness, right? Bunny lipsticks, kitten mascaras... & then Etude House came up with a limited edition Etoinette. Etoinette is the most princess-like make-up collection I've seen in my life. It's pink with golden detailing, ruffles, swirls, curls, hearts and pretty girly shimmery colours. One would think that it's almost a toy-like edition, but trust me - this is an actual make-up line! Although I'm gonna be an 'ol 24 soon, this prettiness took me unarmed & I had to splurge. Not too much, as I got it off E-bay (is anyone here even surprised by this?! aha!), but still, the original price is pretty high! Anyways, let me introduce you to the prettiest (& I mean the prettiest!) blusher in the whole wide world - the Heart Blusher in Orange 

The Etoinette Heart Blusher comes in the cutest container ever - just look at the powder pink beauty! It looks as if it belonged to some Baroque princess, haha! When you twist the top, it comes open and reveals a lovely snow white powder puff. 


The lovely sweet (pretty over the top) container has got 10 hearts in it, which form the actual product. The shades offered are pink petal and orange, out of which I picked the latter one as I already own way too many pink blushers! The individual hearts differ in shades (3 of one shade, 3 of another and 4 of the last one), the orange blush has got oranges, pinks and bronzed tones in it.  

Although I initially assumed that it was goin' to be easier to use a brush to pick up the pigment, the powder puff actually works way better! You just swipe it a few times over the hearts and it picks up the colour nicely. I was really surprised by the pigmentation (didn't expect a lot to in the first place be honest) and the staying power (whole day at work, WHOLE day!). The colour itself is not too shimmery, I would say rather matte-looking with an odd shimmer here & there. Overall, I cannot complain really. It's a lovely product, just for the brilliant packaging it comes in! The only little thing that someone could find as a con is that there are only 10 little hearts of the product, and well, there could be a few more just to make the container look slightly fuller! Oh, and if you want to have a look at the pink variant, here's a link to a damn good review!

You can get this blush from a number of Asian cosmetics sellers online, or simply just go on E-bay like I did. I got it for about £14, however I've seen prices way way waaaay higher than that, so be careful who you're buying it from! There are many more pretty products in the collection and I hope to get my mitts on a few more! Pay day, come faster please, aha!

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