I don't usually talk about feet on my blog. There's probably a million reasons for this - not only that feet are a bit of a freaky part of human body, but also because my feet seem to be super freaky! So no feet pictures, I'm afraid! (Could hear that collective sigh of relief, haha!) But - no matter how fugly feet can be, there's always a way to get them look at least half decent. Apart from scrubbing them, pedicuring them & painting toe nails, the best thing (I think) is massaging them (read: havin' them massaged!) with a foot cream. I find it quite hard to discover foot creams that are not sticky & smelly though, so to save you the quest for a lovely smelling non-sticky foot cream - here are my two top picks! 

The first cream is very affordable (probably around £2), but it is very difficult to get hold of in the UK. It's by a brand called BALEA, which is sold mostly in Germany and some other continental countries, and contains tea tree oil and wine leaf extract, as well as it is induced with vitamins! Despite the low price, this cream is really lovely, it's got a strong mint scent to it, and it even feels very refreshing on my feet! Plus it makes my feet feel baby soft! The only downside (apart from the accessibility) is that the scent can sometimes be a bit too strong and it lingers on your skin for really long. So I would say this is a rather winter foot cream, when you can hide your feet in woollen socks & boots or when you're just at home relaxing whole day!

The second pick is Leighton Denny's Sole Pleasure Foot Massage Cream. I've only tried this one in a sample size, but honestly it's easy to judge this one by a single use. As Leighton Denny says, it covers your feet in an invisible protection film, which is very much true! The scent is slightly more herbal than the Balea one, and it's very subtle yet noticeable (it contains green tea & 3 other essential oils). I find it much more pleasant than the Balea one and find that it not only does a great job (super moisturising), but it's also very relaxing. The scent is quite similar to the Facial Wash by Organic Surge - *sniffs the cream* actually spot on like the Organic Surge! And that's one of my all time favourite scents! I think this is not only a brilliant summer foot cream (for it doesn't have an overpowering scent), but also a lovely massage cream which should be on each & every bed time table!  

Leighton Denny's Sole Pleasure is much easier to get hold of - you can get in online - in stores such as Look Fantastic, Amazon, Leighton Denny website, PURE Spa or in Marks & Spencer, where this is currently on offer for £7.20 (regular price is around £9)! It's not as cheap as the Balea one, but on the other hand, it does that little bit more that might be worth paying for! 

Do you use foot creams?
What's your favourite one?