Moving flats does not only mean that you have to physically carry all your stuff from place A to place B. It also means that you are most likely to pick up every single thing you own and re-evaluate whether you really wanna take it with you all the way to place B. As you know I'm a self-confessed hoarder and prefer bargains (aka less quality for less money) in higher quantity over better quality (aka a few pieces for more money), hence my wardrobe is rather full at moment. And I'm not impressed with it - I wear those few 'favourite' pieces basically every day and the rest goes unnoticed. The 'Outifit Challenge' is going to be my attempt to change my horrible wardrobe habits. Feel free to join in!
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So what is so horrible about my wardrobe? Well, the first issue with me is that I don't seem to have very clarified style. It's been changing over the past years so much, I used to be a tomboy, a punk chick, a punk bloke.. haha, I tried all styles you can imagine a teenager could ever feel inclined to. Blogging made me definitely more aware of fashion trends and I believe that this is the point when I started forming my personal style. It's pretty eclectic, it's nothing too original and I tend to go with the minimalistic/comfy side of fashion.
One of my worst wardrobe habits is to buy things that I like at the moment when I'm buying them - I think they are the best and the cutest looking bargain ever and when I bring them home I realize that although that skirt is beyond amazing, I don't have a top/shoes/jacket (most of the time neither of those) that would even remotely go with it. So it stays in my wardrobe never to see daylight again. And that's how it goes on and on. I'm just not able to pair outfits in my head. So this is the first thing I would like to change. Secondly, I would like to be able to actually incorporate these awesome yet totally random bits and pieces into my everyday outfits. I would like to create an effective 'basic' wardrobe, which will allow me use and abuse those pieces I've never been able to wear.  
Now, how is this going to happen? I would like to put together outfit collages every now and then which will demonstrate an outfit which I would like to have in my wardrobe. It won't be anything too cray cray, usually a day wear, office wear, a few nights out outfits.. Just outfits a regular person would need in their life (as if you need an outfit to live, eh!). I will try to incorporate items I already own or at least similar looking items, and after I post the collage, I will try to haul all the items I need (from shops, E-bay, the usual places where I shop) and eventually when it all comes together, I will make an outfit post with the final look. These posts will be mainly for my own personal development in terms of saving money/using brain while shopping/buyin only things I will use, however if it inspires you in any way, do let me know - it always makes me happy when my blog makes people at least a little bit inspired in one way or another!
Outfit Challenge #1 is inspired by Marianna (Scandinavian blogger), because I absolutely love how she took such a specific piece of clothing (sequin skirt) and turned it into a fairly casual outfit. I already do have the faux leather jacketgolden-toned watch, golden-toned dangly earrings (which is another thing that I love but never wear) and I have to get a new pair of black ankle boots because mine are giving up on me. So basically what I'm missing is a grey oversized jumper and a sequin skirt (I love sequin clothes, just never figured out how to wear it). 
What do you think?
Motivational or too difficult to accomplish?