Just like yesterday, I've got for you a review of a product I found in the mighty Poundland. No, the Channel 4 documentary won't put me off shopping there as I'm not sure what to believe and I just prefer finding out for myself rather than believing what other people tell me (no matter how hard I might fall on my nose!). Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Moisturiser is something I've been meaning to try for ages. Actually, it's been about a year since I first heard about it on YouTube, but then I got some (even more)cheapo alternative and forgot about this. When I saw this in the quidland, I basically considered it a sign that I need to pick it up (you know, the signs.. that make you buy stuff even though you don't need any more crap in your flat).

This little 75ml product normally costs around £4 in Superdrug & Boots, so for a quid, this is a great bargain! While reading reviews online I often noticed that (apprently) although this is a great moisturiser it sometimes can seem to be a bit too shimmery/glittery on your skin, so I wasn't expecting too much, getting mentally ready for looking like a disco ball. And?

The packaging is nice, it's got a pump so it's very hygienic and you pump out just the right amount for your face. The consistency is somewhere in the middle, not too thick and not too thin, however the scent is a bit strange. It's meant to smell like refreshing lemon & papaya. What I can smell is a very creamy scent with a hint of papaya, not too much of lemon to be fair. My nose appreciates more herbal & floral scents, so this is not a scent I'm very keen on, however it's not too bad either, definitely doesn't 'stink' like some other moisturisers I've tried (yes, talkin about you Purity!). I tried using it both in the evening and in the morning and have to say the evening application wasn't the luckiest choice. It sort of broke me out a tiny bit on my chin and around my mouth, nothing serious, just little red dots, that disappeared as soon as I stopped using it. This might not be entirely fault of the product though as it is a DAILY moisturiser (Tereza, learn how to read properly, please!). The morning application was excellent, I used it under foundation and under BB cream, both working just fine. It doesn't have a glitter/shimmer in it too much (I don't understand how someone could ever see it in it, sorry!), it gives you a healthy glow rather than a shimmery skin.    

Overall, I would say a lovely, very affordable DAILY moisturiser for not very demanding beauty users (as in - it moisturises, it gives you a slight glow, but apart from that don't expect any dramatic improvements of your skin!). And a little tip: I've got a dry skin that sometimes goes slightly flakey (especially now it's getting colder), so I use this where you would normally have your T-zone. You remember the infamous picture of Kim K highlighting her face? That's where I use this, plus on my cheeks, and it leaves a nice glow in that area!

Have you tried Morning Energy?
What do you think about Clean & Clear products in general?