Just at the time when I started appreciating the beauty of galaxy print and all the whimsical stunning dresses, I came across another slowly but surely forming trend in the print scene - the LITHIUM print. Both of these prints are similar in the aspects of 'messiness' in their patterns (read both of them look like splashes of colours), both of them can be dressed up or down, both of them have a factor of uniqueness. Are you gonna be the team galaxy or lithium?      

Lithium print is definitely different than any other print I've seen before. It certainly does resemble splashes of bleach (maybe a DIY idea for the more crafty of us? *hint, hint*) and to me it looks a bit like a blue cheese, but certainly does catches my eye! I think it looks very sophisticated and could spice up your traditional dull black or grey office outfit. 
So far, I found some of the above lithium print items in Have to Love boutique, and the brand is Style Stalker! The tunic is currently on sale here and the skirt is here! I really hope to see more of this print in high street shops soon!

And when the sexy Kourtney Kardashian approves, it can't be bad, right?

I believe I don't need to write essays on the subject of galaxy print, probably everyone has got at least a pair of galaxy leggings in their drawer (and is maybe scared to wear them like me because they have such crazy colours?).

The items above are just a random selection of pieces that caught my eye - Christopher Kane dresses (WAY out of my price range!) and a bralette from ARK. Christopher Kane is honestly a master of galaxy print, such subtle but interesting tones, right?!

What print do you prefer - are you gonna stick with the wild galaxy or convert to subtle lithium?