Guess this post is a bit ironic - I'm one of those silently moaning that my feed is flooded with unreasonable amount of posts of Benefit/Glamour collaboration, and yet - I'm adding my little bit to the pile. Well, not really. I'm not saying that you should run & buy one (although maybe you should?!), but I'm tellin you - it looks like there's not a single blogger without this little POREfessional baby!

I'm not a Benebabe or Benegal or whatever you fancy calling those privileged ones; and I doubt I'll ever be one, as Benefit is a brand which although is appealing, does have a price barrier that my brain won't allow me to cross. Oh well, a little teeny weeny sample with Glamour for 2 quid will have to do! I believe I picked this because everyone seems to be lovin it at the moment, alas - I don't ever use primers or anything similar on my face. If I was to demonstrate my skin endurance - on holidays I would put bit of rose oil on my face (yes, my skin enjoys oil under BB cream, how odd!), on that I would slap a bit of BB cream and would be sorted for next 12+ hours. No jokes. Using a primer therefore seems a bit of a ... unnecessary luxury for me? I do have a few bigger pores though, so thought for such a little price, I can give it a try! Will let you know how I'm gettin on with it, so far I find it really strange on my skin, really silicony? However it does seem to have smoothed out my face a fair bit!  

What's the latest hype you eventually caved in & had to get?