I knew that the day had to come - the day when I really thought that my face looked decently painted (with make-up obviously) but my camera refused to do it ANY justice. And by any I mean I looked like a 5 year old taking pictures of a clown face. Oh well. Hope the awkward mirror reflection is enough to evoke your imagination. Face of the day using Accessorize Silk Baked Eyeshadow in Grace* & Fibre Lengthening Mascara*! 

Although my face looks a bit tangeriney (I admit, I sprayed on a bit of fake tan - for the first time ever, on the bottle it says sun-kissed glow and I obviously look like I have a liver issue rather than been on holidays, but oh wells). Anyways, oompaloompa or not, I put some new make-up bits in test and this is how it turned out. In reality it's a bit darker and bolder, but the light today washed off even my tangeriney face in the eye picture (which I should be thankful for, I guess? haha). 

 Accessorize You Are Everything eyeshadow palette (all over lid pinkish colour & a brighter hot pinkish on the lash line)
Ginvera BB cream
MUA mosaic blush in English Rose
Topshop lipstick in Secret Admirer
Accessorize fibre lengthening mascara in Brown/Black
Accessorize silk baked eyeshadow in Grace
Accessorize eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown
Collection 2000 lastin perfection concealer

I never used Accessorize before, and I have to say I'm well impressed! I already praised their new palette here. This time I used their Silk Baked Eyeshadow in Grace - it's such a lovely metallic purple/mauve colour, with same qualities like their palette. It's really pigmented and really easy to work with, such a nice buttery consistency. It stays on my eyelids whole day and it has got a minimal fall-off. If you are a fan of mono eyeshadows, this is definitely one you should swatch in a shop! These mono eyeshadows retail for £2.95 each, which is a good bargain, me thinks!      

On my lashes I used the new Fibre Lengthening Mascara, which has got incredibly strange wand and the cutest mascara packaging. Well, the wand is strange at least to me. It's made of silicone and the spikes are irregular - one side is longer then the rest of them. This creates a really nice every day look on you eye by transferring little bits of fibre on your own lashes, doesn't smudge and doesn't leave bits under my eyes. I would definitely recommend this little beaut to everyone who cannot stand spider legs instead of lashes and clumps. No matter how hard I tried, this did not clump (blame the wand!), so even after 100 coats, you will have lovely lengthy lashes without looking like a blinking doll! This mascara retails for mere £5.95!    

I also used the new Brow Pencil in Dark Brown, which is incredibly soft in consistency. It literally glides on like butter! It might be a bit hard to master at first, as it does give your brows LOADS of colour, but you only need the tiniest bit and brush it in with the brush which is on the other side of the pencil. I usually set it with a clear mascara, just in case! You can get the brow pencil for £2.95. 

Have you tried Accessorize before? 
What's your favourite Accessorize product?