I love (read loooooove) reading hauls! Such a little guilty pleasure, I would probably enjoy working in a shop just to see what people buy, haha! I don't do many haul posts myself though, as it just makes me feel guilty I spent money (doh!). This might be caused by my partial Jewish origin, which I blame for not being able to splurge on things and visiting Poundland way too often. Anyways, these are the things that made me do a little happy dance when I got them!

No, you are not loosing your eye sight and yes, I am hauling board games. Lately me and bf developed a little big love for board games of all sorts. We used to play chess a lot (before we went out we used to play drinking chess, haha), but then we got lazy (read I got annoyed loosing all the time). When the bf suggested that we should get Monopoly, I was a bit like.. meh, never played it, so won't be worth it (my usual argument). But believe it or not - that Tropical Tycoon Monopoly from charity shop for £2 is well worth it! Such a quality game! I'm definitely gettin more editions, have you seen the Simpson's tree house with glowing Simpson characters? Oh-em-ge! I also grabbed the English Quest from Works for about a tenner, it's a rather educational board game (you answer trivia questions), but delivers equal fun! Especially when the players are an English native against a foreigner (& the foreigner tends to win, muhaha!).

I mentioned on Twitter & Instagram the other day that I bought a DIY camera, however I couldn't start DIYing as I didn't have a miniature screwdriver. Poundland saved me from tears once again!

I've always wanted to try fake tan, but I'm just a bit of coward and was too scared of going tangeriney and patchy and all that jazz. After having some fake tan applied at Spraycation in Bull Ring yesterday (and receiving some St Tropez samples, yay!) I caved in and bought St Moriz & Garnier fake tan spray for face with an application mitt. I used the spray already and my face is goin pretty orange, my mum says I should hold on through the first few days and then it will develop.. I'm not sure though if I have the inner strengths to walk around at work with face resembling an orange. I will report back on the state of orangeness in a post, I guess!    

Although I was hugely put off of Lush by their animal testing campaign (yes, Lush, I mean it - I hated the whole campaign with passion!), I managed to run inside, grab the Big Shampoo & run out. Used it once, and it's... well, lush! I might need to go back and grab a solid shampoo bar as well, as it intrigues me so much!

From Topshop make-up, which I know I buy just way too much, and actually think I might be a bit ill considering the amount of Topshop lipsticks I own, I got yet another one in shade Secret Admirer which I believe is a new addition to their line (the shade is very similar to Pillow Talk) & Skin Tint in Light, which I was lusting for for absolute ages, even posted about it before, and got it off e-bay for a tad cheaper!  

I also got super daring (for me, ha!) leggings with galaxy print for £3 from one of those unbranded shops, and was well impressed with the selection of galaxy print items in the shop - maxi dresses, mini dresses, tops... would say a fashion blogger's heaven! I might go back and have a closer look at the maxi dress to be fair.. hmmm.

Finally, I got these AH-MAZING Oasap lace shorts! As a lace-obsessed, I'm totally overexcited by anything with the teeniest bit of lace on it, but these shorts - my heart skipped a bit when I opened the parcel! I wish it was a little bit warmer so I could take them out for a walk, damn you England! I will make an outfit with them soon anyways, rain or not! You can get them here for ridiculous £19 (the ones I'd wanted initially from H&M were the same price, but faaar from this pretty, believe me or not, a H&M fanatic just said that, haha!). 

What's have you bought recently that made you do a little happy dance?