That's a pretty clear answer for today's fashion challenge! What I really love and totally needed to buy and every time I'm in a shop I go & stare at it? & then immediately forget I have one & never wear it? Clutch bag! My lovely cream snakeskin clutch bag from Internacionale! 

To me, clutch bags seem like such a fancy little accessory! Whatever you are wearing you can dress it up just by wearin a clutch with it, although they don't necessarily need to make you look way overdressed either. They just give any outfit certain chic-ness, I'd say! And they make me think twice what to carry with me, because let's admit it, they are not the easiest thing to carry around (not mentioning that they give me an ultimate scare of losing them/forgetting them somewhere on the go). 

Nevertheless, they do look super cool me thinks and that's why I'm so annoyed with myself that I don't wear the one I own more often. This one is from Internacionale & has got a lovely cream nude colour with golden detail and snakeskin print, and believe me, it works with almost anything - adds a nice detail to a cream toned outfit, brightens black outfit,... Such a handy little thing, and I always forget I have it (I blame the fact that since it has no strap, it has got its separate place in a drawer instead of on a hanger with the rest of my bags, sigh).    

What do you forget that you have but sincerely love?