Who doesn't like a bit of pampering right? And a bit of pampering that smells like lavender? Don't think you can beat that! At least not for me. Lavender has always been in my top favourite scents, probably the most favourite if I'm to be honest with you. Anything lavender scented has got its own magic how it attracts me, I swear! Balea Lavender Face Mask was no exception.

I'm always a bit worried when it comes to face masks, I just don't trust them and am scared that they make my face red, dry, patchy, blotchy, all sorts, just not relax and pamper. Let's have a look how this little mask performed!

Balea lavender face mask doesn't only contain lavender oil as such but also lime mint extract (another of my herbal garden favourites!), which means that it not only nourishes your skin, but also soothes and calms because of the aromatherapy effects. It also contains Panthenol which hydrates and Shea butter which protects against dryness. Not bad since my skin tends to go through stages with a few dry patches and after a week's work it's pretty damn tired.  

Application is all easy peasy, on clean skin, apply one sachet (the pack contains two!) and wait 10-15 minutes, then wipe off with a cloth or a wipe. 

When I applied it, I have to admit, it felt a bit dodge. Although all masks make my skin feel a bit awkward to be fair. Nevertheless, I expected the mask to dry (what was I thinking really - it's got no clay in it, but oils & butter, doh!), so it rather 'sank' into my skin. You can see from the two pictures how my more prominent areas literally ate the mask. How strange! Those 15 minutes when I had the mask on were really relaxing, despite all the awkwardness, the scents were lush and made my mind go for a little English garden walk. Once wiped off (they suggest on the sachet that you should just wipe it but not wash it off, find that a bit strange as well), my skin felt super nourished. And by super nourished I mean more nourished than any other mask managed to make it feel before! No dry patches whatsoever and my skin was really glowy!    

The only downside I could imagine is that it is probably not suited for oily skin, because my skin felt sorta oily-ish after I used it, although I'd say in a good sense because my skin tends to be usually on the dryer side.

For about £1 in Czech Republic/Germany/Austria I think this is bargain and it does great job for dry skin or skin with dry patches that need a bit of chill/wake up call!

What's your favourite relaxing scent?