Those responsible for creating cosmetics don't have an easy life, I'm telling you. Just take soaps & shower gels - how freakin hard it is to come up with something new that everyone will grab?! Lush turned back to traditional soaps with quirky names, and ... well that's probably about it when it comes to real creativity. Oh, Soap & Glory's scent resembles Dior. Maybe that could count too. I can't help it, but this Manufaktura Chocolate & Orange shower & bath gel screams unique to me as well!   

For those who are not familiar with the company, Manufaktura is a Czech company which focuses on production of traditional crafts and toys as well as natural cosmetics made from Czech natural ingredients (I dare to question that, since kokoa beans and oranges are not exactly what Czech climate would cater for, but obviously the rest of the ingredients like corn sprouts could do!). I remember these being sold in tiny traditional shops in Prague, however they seem to be growin their network lately.

The Chocolate & Orange number is from limited edition for about a fiver, but you can find different limited editions and other products on the Manufaktura website or even on their US website. 

It comes in a traditional looking packaging, which I think adds a really nice feel to it, however what strikes me the most is the scent - it's like sniffing chocolate and oranges mixed together. Sorta like a chocolate bar with orange flavour maybe? I'm not a fan of these strange chocolate flavours, but in a shower gel this smells heavenly and lingers on my skin for a while as well. Some noses might find this scent as a bit too strong and unusual, I'd assume, like the bf who claims that it 'stinks' (oh well, men...). The scent definitely is on a stronger side, but it is really pleasant to me as well as relaxing!


What's the most unusual scent you've encountered in a shower gel/soap?