At the moment there is about a million blog posts out there on the new Maybelline 24h Color Tattoos, so I thought why to bother you again with virtually the same review just on a different blog. What I thought you might have not tried though is using the Permanent Taupe shade as a brow gel! It works wonder for me!

Almost everyone is in love with these pots, and they are good. I don't think they are as mind-blowing as everyone says, but they are better than any other cream eyeshadow I've tried so far. Anyways, the Permanent Taupe is extremely matte and since it is a sort of grey/brown taupe colour and does have such a thick 'solid-ish' consistency, I thought I'd slap it on my brows to see how that would work (I blame my excitement for hopefully-soon-coming MeMeMe brow gel!). And it did - and pretty damn well!

I used this little brush to apply it and it gives a really nice base colour as well as it sorta thickens the hairs, if it makes sense? After I apply it, I brush my brows to give it a neater shape and set it with clear mascara. Voila!

Excuse my awful brows, I seriously need consider havin it done, eh. But the point is that this is taken at the end of the day and you can tell that the brow stayed the way I set it in the mornin and the colour did not smudge nor it worn off during the day. It comes off easily, maybe even easier than a brow pencil.

Have you tried using Permanent Taupe as a brow gel?
What do you think?