Yesterday, on the 22th March, a new shop in Bull Ring shopping centre opened! It is
& smells like candy!
Boux Avenue by Theo Paphitis

I'm not gonna lie, this was the first shop opening I've ever been to, but honestly, I was really impressed. I didn't really know what to expect, because there are/were other lingerie shops in Bull Ring like Ann Summers & La Senza, but as I learnt yesterday, Boux Avenue is not exactly the same thing! The whole concept seems to be based on really personal experience & detail. I believe picture will speak for themselves:

 The whole shop looks very luxurious and nicely laid out (although prices are not THAT high!), the staff was super friendly and answered every single question we had.  

The range is really wide, from 'traditional' lingerie to bikini, in all possible sizes you imagine.

You are offered a free bra fitting, which I think is an essential part of the personal service experience.  

My favourite part of the collection was the bridal bit - how lovely does it all look, and look at the detailing! 

The whole collection literally screams feminine, this is the more 'romantic' bit.

Boux Avenue doesn't only offer lingerie, but also everything else that you would associate with it - perfumes, body butters, lovely presents, PJs and accessories.   

Customers have the option to browse through these cute 'chabby chic' drawers to find their desired size if they wish. 

All bras have got little tags with sizes on, so you don't have to wildly chuck all bras on the side to find out that the last one at the back is not your size either, you simple look and see - what a clever little idea! 

Boux Aveue stock also some 'smart' underwear - strapless bra with about a million hooks where to put your strap so it fits literally any sort of strapless or half-strapless top & a low cut bra for those LOW cut necklines, never seen anything like that, but once you think about it, you go 'aaaaaaah, yeeee', don't you?  

Boux Avenue is also trying to be environmentally friendly - they are minimising paper usage and replacing posters and leaflets with digital frames, which have the information sent from the head office in them, so they are always up to date with the current collection!  

 And probably the most innovative bit about Boux Avenue - the fitting rooms! There is a 'buzzer', so you can ring the shop assistant to help you with bra sizes and choice, as well as you can set the lighting which you prefer, because let's be honest - are you gonna wonder around your house in those sexy knickers on day or at night/dusk?!   

Overall, I see Boux Avenue as a trend-setter in lingerie shopping experience, because every woman wants that bit of luxury for affordable price when it comes to it. Boux Avenue definitely is 'the' experience you want to have rather than chucking a pair of Tesco knickers in your trolley! 

You can check Boux Avenue online and I definitely recommend you go and have a stroll through the shop! I will be reviewing some of their products soon & maybe let you have a sneak peek into what I get from there, as I'm planning a bikini/bra quest for the weekend!  

PS: I went there together with Shay from The Rabbit Hole, she's such a lovely lady, go & check her blog out! 

What do you think about all this innovative ideas in Boux Avenue?