Hippie Chic bohemian silver jewellery
When you stack silver jewellery, you're immediately branded the cool boho kid. When you stack gold jewellery, you look like a tit. FACT. Here are 5 reasons why silver jewellery is the best.

✓ The green and black tarnish on my fingers is the bane of my life. It's not cool. That's why I gave up on jewellery (be it silver or gold) from H&M and other high street fashion retailers. It just wasn't working out for me - once my finger turned green as soon as I put the new sparkly ring on. There's no excuse for that.   

✓ Silver jewellery won't break your bank (unless you try really hard!). 

✓ There's plenty of brands to choose from such as Shop Dixi or Regal Rose to brands like Hippie Chic (my most recent discovery). The unusual (but incredibly swanky!) rope necklace in the photo above is from the latter - it's called Thalia and you can get it here. The large statement ring (here) is from there too and so is the cuff bracelet (here). Pretty, right?  

✓ Hunting for vintage pieces is fun! You may have seen my latest finds in the curio haul (click here). I also have some jewellery which I've inherited from my Jewish ancestors - these pieces have a very special place in my jewellery box (and heart!) and I feel extra posh wearing them. 

✓ Mixing and matching has never been easier - pretty much every single silver piece goes with everything else silver toned and is also very easy to match with your outfit. This Coachella inspiration (click here) more than proves my point! With gold I find this a touch more difficult because it's a more sophisticated metal - matching gold bangles and trainers just ain't the safest fashion choice.  

But you know, if gold jewellery is what ya fancy then.. be the gold boho child. Sod everyone!