On my trip to the Czech Republic, I found this little bottle in the local H&M. How come I have not seen it in England yet?! EDT Garden Walk.
Comes in a pretty sturdy 50 ml bottle with a well-fitted cap (don't you just hate when they fall off while in your handbag and for some reason it seems like the bag ate it, because you just are not able to find it ever again? #sigh). It is just an EDT, but comes in I think 4 (?) different scents (flavours?).   

Describing scents, especially when the bottle does not tell you any ingredience, is probably the hardest thing to do while writing a review. It does not smell like an 'expensive' scent, as you would guess being it from H&M (ergo retailing for about £5), however it does not really smell cheap like erm... Chuppa Chupps? Or Poundland perfumes? (Hope I have not offended anyone, and...and just admit it, everyone attempted to smell the poundland perfume, although very likely leaving the shop with throbing headache #ohwell.)

The smell is fairly summery, however I would say on a heavier note. It is definitelly floral, but cannot identify any particular 'typical' smell such as roses. Maybe a bit grassy, if it makes any sense.. It reminds me more of a summer meadow, rather than a garden to be honest, how the name suggests. The smell does not linger on your skin for too long, probably an hour, but after all, it is just an EDT.

Who likes heavier summer scents will love this, and since it is so affordable, I think it makes a nice addition to your collection. Something you can chuck into your handbag and not be scared that you are gonna spill £70! 

What about you guys, do you stick to sorta high-end smells or you fluctuate between day-to-day smells and today-I-wanna-smell-amazing #Channel smells like me? And has anyone tried this before, or even managed to get it in England?