Four Travel Apps You’ve Got to Try
Four Travel Apps You’ve Got to Try
Travel is one of my favourite things to do - just yesterday we went for a little trip to Oxford! I'm lucky that Shaun used to live in Oxford for a while so he knows where to go & what to see. He even knows where the cutest cafes are (yes, yes you Barefoot!) and where to get the nicest gelato (iScream at the Covered Market that is). It's not always though that you get an actual local guide to walk the city with you. Ayushi, a freelance writer from India, has put together a list of 4 best apps you can find that will make your travels easier (and safer!). Hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I have!   

If you travel a lot, you know the importance of modern technology in travel today. There are a lot of apps which can make traveling easier, from flight bookings to managing your hotels and trips. Check out the top four:

📱 Tripit
It usually takes a lot of time and concentration to check emails for ticket confirmation and making itineraries. Tripit makes it increasingly easy for you, all you have to do is to forward your emails to Tripit and it will extract all the information you would need for your itinerary.

📱 App in the air
App in the Air combines your Tripit data with real time flight information to let you know about all the details in your itinerary. What’s great is that it also works when offline with saved data. This app also divides a flight into four parts to make the travel and time management easier.

📱 Citymapper
Citymapper compares various modes of travel and lets you know how long each would take in real time. The data provided is very accurate and can help save you from missed deadlines due to long traffic queues.

📱 XE
XE is a currency converter that also works offline. Just input the amount and it will translate it into any currency you like, offline. Because internet connectivity is not an issue, this app can be very handy.

And a bonus: Bingo
While you are traveling, airport wait times can be incredibly annoying. And the best way to feel good about them is by playing bingo with some bingo sign up bonus. Not only will it help you spend your time being entertained, it may also make you ‘want’ to spend some more time waiting at airports!

Four Travel Apps You’ve Got to Try
Four Travel Apps You’ve Got to Try

Ayushi Pareek is a freelance content writer and writes on a variety of topics.
Apart from writing she likes eating cake and running, preferably together.

Four Travel Apps You’ve Got to Try