6 blogs I've actually read in March 2017
This month seems to have come & gone way too fast - I woke up on the 1st March, went to sleep and the next day it was the 31st, my to-do list fuller than it was yesterday and my urge to go to bed at 7pm stronger than ever. I may have skipped a few breakfasts, lunches and dinners, maybe a few gym sessions and runs but I've still found time to digest a few of my favourite blogs. This month was full of blogs that give you real life advice, proper mind-blowing tips that makes you go OH YES! with a sprinkle of stunning outfit photography on the side.


📕 Emma Drew (learn from her here)
Emma is that one blogger that knows how to save money but also make money. She's a professional side hustler if you like. From reselling to matched betting and affiliate marketing, she really knows it all. I've not just learnt so much from her - I've also made a great deal of money following her tips & tricks (we're talking hundreds here). And if you're a fan of Poundland you'll absolutely love her latest Poundland finds posts! Lately I've been particularly enjoying the posts about her reselling journey - you can read the latest one here. Car boot sales, here I come!  

📕 Jayne Becca Yoga (discover her blog here)
I can remember the days when Jayne's blog was brand new and it was full of useful tips on fitness (I even remember her Tone It Up days and how I was smitten by the concept of online fitness community for the first time ever!), beauty reviews and holiday snaps. Since then Jayne has become a certified yoga teacher and has been voted the Best Yoga Instructor in Bristol and Bath! She runs her own yoga classes and retreats and you can find an incredible amount of useful information on mindful yoga flows on her blog (including videos - this one is my recent favourite).

📕 Kahlea Nicole (read it here)
You might have read Kahlea's 8 reasons why you should move to Orlando, Florida which she shared with you through a guest post on this blog. I'd be surprised if you haven't clicked through to her blog yet - she's such a sunshine full of energy that's really coming through her every photo! My favourite thing are her Insta stories - Kahlea's always up to some adventure and you get to see a whole lot of Florida when you tag along through her Instagram! You can peek at her recent (and absolutely gorgeous) outfit here.

📕 Sugarpuffish (find it here)
You could be trawling the internet for days, even weeks and you wouldn't find a blogger more knowledgable about natural & organic beauty than Sarah from Sugarpuffish. She's been struggling with eczema and allergies throughout her whole life which allowed her to project all her learnings into her blog. On her blog you will find brands you've never even heard of (like this post - I guarantee you've not heard of at least 90% of these!) but you'll also learn about what's really good for your skin. Sarah's always happy to give her advice and to talk beauty on her Twitter too!

📕 Lonestar Southern (admire it here)
I might be biased here because a part of my family lives in Texas but Kate's blog always gives me such a boost of cheerfulness! Kate's based in Dallas and her blog is ever so bright and feminine. If you're into creams, beiges and whites then you'll adore her outfits, they are just so serene and beautiful. I'm all about flowy tops and embroidery at the moment (in hope that spring will show up soon!) so my favourite post right now is this one!

📕 Honestly Aine (peek here)
Aine is one of those bloggers that say it the way it is. She's so inspirational in her freelancing career - if you've decided to give it a go yourself then her blog is a must for you, you'll learn so much from her! Aine also writes about all things beauty (including her gorgeous crazy coloured hair which mesmerises me daily on her Instagram) and does vlogs from all her adventures! I absolutely adore this post she wrote about her husband!

📬 SPECIAL MENTION: I've been signed up to a ton of newsletters for blog improvement (from Pinterest to the moon and back) but my favourite one so far (and that is after months of trawling through them) is the one by Ana from The She Approach. She always shares such clever tricks for social and blogging - for instance in her last newsletter you could find a way to insert multiple clickable links into your Instagram bio - it can hardly get any better! Sign up to her newsletter here!

Which blogs have you been reading this month?

6 blogs I've actually read in March 2017


6 blogs I've actually read 6 blogs I've actually read 6 blogs I've actually read