How to style rattan furniture for indoors
Whenever someone says rattan furniture the first image that crosses our mind is nan's conserve or a rainy cold patio in the garden. That is so 2015 though. Over the last year or so rattan furniture has gained a completely different meaning to it. Not only is rattan a versatile and durable material which can be used both indoors and outdoors, it now also stands for everything Bohemian, mid-century, rustic & Western.

Rattan furniture makes me think of 1950's ranch homes in Arizona - with its smooth surfaces and curved edges. It makes me think of warm sunny days with bees flying around the garden and a freshly made elderberry lemonade on the table. But it also makes me think of bright Mexican inspired interiors, large glossy Monstera leaves and days spent lounging amongst piles and piles of the most beautiful books. It would be a sin not to bring a little bit of this cowboy comfort to your home this year! 

You might think that rattan just won't work in your home. Well, you're wrong. Rattan is no longer just a basket in that warm honey shade - or a chest full of stuffy duvets that's sat at the bottom of your bed. Rattan furniture now comes in a multitude of shapes, colours and styles. You can get one of those insanely cosy egg chairs and station it in your bedroom - covered in 4369213 furry rugs and cushions, with a large fiddle leaf fig right behind it. Et voila - your Pinterest bedroom is ready! Or you can grab a little rattan pouffe to sit on when you're painting your nails! Or what about a rattan plant stand?


🌿 Colours
The key to styling rattan is colours. If you're not confident enough to douse your house in the brightest rainbow shades then try to colour coordinate your space (even if it's just that one corner of the room). Adding various home decor pieces like ornaments, clocks, candles or just books will easily give you an idea which colour is going to be the easiest one for you to style. Also keep the colour of your rattan piece in mind. Today you can even get rattan pieces in crisp white finish for your monochromatic Scandinavian home!

🌿 Greenery 
The way I have styled our new chest of drawers is by using green accents to counter balance the warm glow of the chest. A range of various shades of green gives the space more of an outdoorsy (but still in the warmth of your cosy living room) kind of feel to it. Rattan also looks beautiful with large cacti, creeping plants guided around and above the piece and even hanging planters installed above it.

🌿 Vintage accents
As you know I do have a thing for vintage decor - luckily, rattan looks gorgeous when styled with rustic vintage accents! I always have a pile of vintage books lying around (those with super yellow pages!) and a dozen or so vintage plant pots to go with it. You don't necessarily need to be all style matchy matchy, especially if you've done some colour matching already. Instead throw together an eclectic mix that will seamlessly blend into the rest of your interior.

🌿 Textures
Rattan itself is a texture that you might not have anywhere else in your house right now - so adding yet another texture - perhaps a furry sheep rug or an embroidered table cloth, or maybe even a macrame art to hang above it - will add a completely new dimension!

Our new chest of drawers is from Rattan Direct (you can grab it here - and it's on sale right now!). They have a huge range of various rattan pieces from coffee tables to egg-shaped day beds and footstools and most deliveries take as little as 3 days! They also offer a good few items in abaca - which is a banana leaf used in a very similar way as rattan however the texture and the colour is slightly different - bolder even, I would say. My favourite is most definitely this tub chair!

Do you have any rattan furniture in your home?
Or maybe in your garden?
What are your top tips for rattan styling?

How to style rattan furniture for indoors
How to style rattan furniture for indoors
How to style rattan furniture for indoors
How to style rattan furniture for indoors
How to style rattan furniture for indoors
💭 Rattan Direct have kindly sent me this chest of drawers for a feature (thank you!) however my obsession with rattan, naughty black and white cat and dirt on the floor from said black and white cat are my very own!