24 trendy prescription glasses under £50
If you remember my post about why I don't buy glasses that cost £100s then today's post will come as no surprise. Do you know what happened to the glasses in that post? They broke. Why? Because I bloody sat on them again. My life sometimes feels like a vicious cycle where my bottom squishes a new pair of eyeglasses every two months.

My new glasses which you might have spotted on my Instagram are yet again from GlassesShop.com - this time I went for something slightly trendier. Slightly more tumblr if you like. Extremely large lenses with steel gunmetal frames and a tortoise shell detailing. They are absolutely giant but I love that such plain frames can add such a sass to your face! This particular pair is called Spartanburg Aviator (see the pair here) and cost just shy of $30 in sale. Despite my venture to Specsavers not that long ago I still find myself returning to GlassesShop.com - not just because the glasses are so affordable but also because every single pair I've ever had from them I've gotten so many compliments on! Now I've got my eye on a transparent pair or perhaps one with golden frames (should go quite nicely with my new grey hair right?). Buying glasses online is the future.

Which prescription eyeglasses trend are you into right now?

24 trendy prescription glasses under £50
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💭 GlassesShop.com have sent me these glasses because I sat on my old pair (and because they're so lovely!). Thank you!