12 stunning handwritten fonts you can download FOR FREE
You already know that I have a thing for fancy fonts. There is plenty of websites where you can buy fancy handwritten fonts from - one of my favourites still being the Creative Market (see it here). But what's better than buying a pretty font? Getting it FOR FREE!

You could be trawling the internet for hours, days, weeks even and you'd drown in all the gorgeous fonts out there. To save you the death of textual drowning I've handpicked 12 of the prettiest ones which you can download for free through their hosting websites by clicking on the links below. You usually have to sign up to their newsletters to be able to download the font for free but the great thing about that is that they will carry on sending you free fonts whenever they launch a new one! Double win or what!

Hope you've found these useful & I can't wait to see you using them on your blogs!
(please do check licensing of each before using for commercial websites & projects)

12 stunning handwritten fonts you can download FOR FREE