Feline Foodology: Complete wet food by Lily's Kitchen
Last week's Feline Foodology was all about those 100% shrimp treats - today's very different though. We'll be looking at complete food by Lily's Kitchen. Not just little snacks (that cause a whole lot of happiness & stinky night toots) - these are trays full of delicious wet food (that fill the bellies of hangry Pipp & Cookie alike). I have seen these around before - mainly for pooches, however we have discovered their cat range through the CatPacks Starter Pack.

🌸 Complete wet food by Lily's Kitchen
Lily's Kitchen was founded by Henrietta and her sweet little border terrier Lily. Lily was suffering from itchy skin for a while and therefore Henrietta decided that she will try to make her own food for the little pooch. And it worked! Ever since Lily has been a huge inspiration for Henrietta and her team in development of the finest pet food - for both dogs & cats - which improves their health - be it itchy skin, fur that lacks shine or UTIs. Their wet food selection comes in the form of most deliciously sounding dishes - a lovely lamb casserole, a hunter's hotpot or a catch of the day. The food itself doesn't look as human-like as the one from ShinyCat or Applaws however Cookie & Pippin have no reservations. I wouldn't say it's their absolute favourite, they don't devour it like they do Applaws or freeze dried treats but they are hands down happier with it than they were with Felix. The ingredients are faultless - a lot of real meat, no meat meals or derivatives and a good amount of protein and fats. And what I particularly like is that Lily's Kitchen is one of the more affordable natural brands with just 80-90p per tray. Hurray!

Flavours we've tried: 
Lovely Lamb Casserole
Whisker Lickin' Chicken
Catch of the Day
Hunter's Hotpot
Poultry Pie

Ingredients of the Catch of the Day: Salmon 30%, chicken 15%, pork 15%, prawn 5%, salmon oil, chelated minerals
Analytical components: Protein 10%, crude oils & fats 5.5%, crude fibre 0.3%, crude ash 2.2%, moisture 82%
Price: £0.89 for 85g (one tray)

You can buy Lily's Kitchen wet food from Lily's Kitchen website (here) or your local Pets at Home. In March only you can get FREE DELIVERY on all Lily's Kitchen orders (no minimum spend, new customers only) by using this link and entering 'NATURALFOOD' at the checkout.

To learn more about proper cat food you can grab a copy of Jenny's book Cats off the Carbs here - it's a great little guide if you're looking to start feeding your cat a proper food! And just to reiterate (and give you an example of what kind of information you can find in the book) - a good cat food is
High in animal protein
Moderate in fat
Low in carbohydrates
What are you feeding your cats at the moment?
Have you ever tried reading the labels & deciphering what they mean?

Feline Foodology: Complete wet food by Lily's Kitchen
💭 Totally not sponsored - Jenny was kind enough to share her book Cats off the Carbs with me (thank you!) however all the picky feline habits, beany toesies and stinky toots after eating too many delicious catches of the day are our very own.
💭 I don't claim to be an expert in cat food - all my knowledge is gathered from Jenny's book, the internets and my own personal experience, however I'm genuinely hoping this series will help others understand the importance of proper cat food.

Feline Foodology: Complete wet food by Lily's Kitchen


Feline Foodology Feline Foodology Feline Foodology
Feline Foodology Feline Foodology Feline Foodology
Feline Foodology Feline Foodology Feline Foodology