Feline Foodology: Treats with salmon & trout by Natures Menu
You already know that Cookie ain't a fan of fishy treats. They are just... fishy. He particularly hates the ones that look like fish - although he did fight Pippin for the odd HuHuBamboo goldfish treat! Today's Feline Foodology is all about Natures Menu treats with salmon & trout. And you know what? Cookie bloody loves them! Wondering why?

🎣 Treats with salmon & trout by Natures Menu
Natures Menu are one of largest raw & natural pet food producers in Europe which means they really do know their trade - they are a perfect example of a company that makes proper cat food on a large scale which means there's no need for them to bump up their prices too high. These treats with salmon & trout are made with 95% real meat and contain no meat meals or meat derivatives (both are basically substitutes of meat, not an actual meat). Cookie & Pippin are so pleased with them - I literally have to take out two treats, put the bag away quickly and then call them to come & have it otherwise they would eat my hand AND the bag before I could even blink. Plus these treats are pretty high in protein which is great! The only thing that I don't love about them (which doesn't make them any less appealing to the cattingtons) is the wording on the packaging - they are treats with salmon & trout yet when you look at the ingredients list you will see that the fish content is only 12%. These treats contain 75% of pork though - which is not bad by any means, however I'd appreciate if it was stated on the packaging clearly (pork treats with salmon & trout, perhaps?). Not that Pippi or Cookie care really, they love them nonetheless - maybe even more because the pork content, for as you know Cookie is a bit of a fish hater!

Ingredients: Pork (min 75%), salmon (min 6%), trout (min 6%), minerals
Analytical components: Protein 33.5%, crude oils & fats 20%, crude fibre 2%, crude ash 9%
Price: £1.89 for 60g

You can buy Natures Menu treats at Pets at Home (here) or via Monster Pet Supplies (here). You can also find more information about Natures Menu here.

To learn more about proper cat food you can grab a copy of Jenny's book Cats off the Carbs here - it's a great little guide if you're looking to start feeding your cat a proper food! And just to reiterate (and give you an example of what kind of information you can find in the book) - a good cat food is
High in animal protein
Moderate in fat
Low in carbohydrates
What are you feeding your cats at the moment?
Have you ever tried reading the labels & deciphering what they mean?

Feline Foodology: Treats with salmon & trout by Natures Menu

💭 Totally not sponsored - Jenny was kind enough to share her book Cats off the Carbs with me (thank you!) however all the picky feline habits, wiggly butts and oh so damn stinky toots after eating too much of fishingtons are our very own. 

💭 I don't claim to be an expert in cat food - all my knowledge is gathered from Jenny's book, the internets and my own personal experience, however I'm genuinely hoping this series will help others understand the importance of proper cat food.

Feline Foodology: Treats with salmon & trout by Natures Menu


Feline Foodology Feline Foodology Feline Foodology
Feline Foodology Feline Foodology Feline Foodology
Feline Foodology Feline Foodology Feline Foodology