DIY bright tassel cushions and pillows
I honestly don't mind a bit of coldness - after all I come from a country where -15 degrees ain't all that shocking in winter months. What I can't stand though is gloominess. How terribly dank and gloomy it is outside right now? Urgh. Well, that's lucky that today's DIY is all about bright colours! I made these tassel pillows with Frida Kahlo in mind. You know - a bit of a Mexican vibe, with lots of sunshine and fun little details!

What will you need for these DIY stamped tassel cushions?

🍭 embroidery thread (pick whatever colours you like, I got a rainbow mix from eBay - 100 different colours for £7, pick them up here)
🍭 a pair of white pillows (you can pick up a nice set from IKEA for £3)
🍭 golden thread (mine is from eBay - you can get it here, but it's very thin so I recommend getting a slightly thicker one just for the ease of working with it)
🍭 foam sheet (I got this one, however you could just use a bit of an old vinyl flooring)
🍭 fabric paint (I've got this set)
🍭 needle, brush, scissors
🍭 a bottle of your favourite wine (we will need just the cork from it but it would be terribly silly to go and buy a cork when you can have a whole bottle to go with it, wouldn't it?)

DIY tassels

I have made 10 for each edge, that's 40 altogether (I made 2 pillows). I followed this tutorial however instead of adding the little ring I tied it up with a piece of thread. Just remember that if you're making a pillow rather than a cushion you have to seal the dye in your threads. You can easily do that by letting them soak in vinegar for a few minutes, rinsing in water and then drying.

DIY textile stamps

I cut out 2 triangles from my foam sheet and glued them to a cork which I had cut in half. It's THAT easy.

How to stamp textile

Before you start stamping I recommend drawing your pattern on a piece of paper. Mine was really simple so I just did a few marks with a pencil in places where I wanted the pattern to be symmetrical (I measured the edges at the top & bottom and the negative space around the centre piece). Don't forget to stuff the pillow case with a few sheets of paper or cardboard to avoid the paint seeping through. Now you can start stamping! I used a little brush to make sure the paint was spread evenly on the stamp but you could also just pump out a little on a piece of cardboard and just dab the stamp in it. You will have to wait a couple of hours for the paint to air dry. Once dried you will need to iron the pattern (ideally on a higher setting) so it doesn't come off in the wash.

Sowing the tassels onto the pillows

Again, I marked the spots where I wanted the tassels to go. I used a double thread and did quite long stitches across one edge securing tassels in their places. Once they were all dangling in the right places I went back across the stitches from the other end making a cross-stitch pattern. This really secures the tassels in place and also adds a little extra design!

Et voila your bright sunshine pillows are done! Well done!  

Have you ever tried textile stamping?
I'd love to see your projects - tweet me @cityscapebliss or leave a link to them in the comments below please!

DIY bright tassel cushions and pillows
DIY bright tassel cushions and pillows
DIY bright tassel cushions and pillows
DIY bright tassel cushions and pillows
DIY bright tassel cushions and pillows
DIY bright tassel cushions and pillows
Brighten your day with these DIY stamped tassel pillows