Carpetright Pet Camouflage
You know, sometimes I wish I loved Scandinavian interior design a little more. Those clean lines, understated elegance, strict functionality - everything so neat, crisp and white with a pop of black. But see, my problem is that monochrome doesn't go all that well with random vintage finds, dark brown furniture which I've inherited from my previous flat and all the cat fluff casually tumbling across the floor like a tumbleweed in the Wild West. Today we've partnered with Carpetright - a leading flooring & beds provider, to bring the dreams of a Scandinavian home a little closer to our little family. Amongst many other things this experiment has also proved that it would be a damn bad idea if everything in this house was just monochromatic - I'd never find the little buggers Cookie & Pippin again!

Yes, the carPET camouflage.  

The team at Carpetright have sent us a couple of samples from their wide carpet & vinyl range to see which will be the ones our naughty monkeys love the most (and blend into the most seamlessly!).

Before we jump in, let me give you a brief flooring background of our two cat-meisters. 

Cookie is a professional carpet killer. He has killed many carpets in his short life of 4 years. His favourite method is wee (especially the morning one - it's the stinkiest) and the occasional poo (placed strategically so there's no doubt you'll step in it first thing in the morning). Cookie's not particularly keen on lounging on carpets - he prefers the sofa (because he's sophisticated like that). What Cookie couldn't care less about is cold flooring - wood, vinyl or tiles. Just no.

Pippin has taken after her older brother Cookie. She is trying to murder every single carpet (and wallpaper) she comes across (so far she's been rather successful but with claws of a 4 month old she's not as destructive as Cookie - yet).  She climbs the walls like a feline Spiderman. And the carpets too. She does like to sleep on the softest of surfaces though - she usually ends up sleeping in the bed (with Shaun & me hanging off the edges) or sometimes she chooses a fluffy sheep rug for her afternoon nap. Pippin doesn't care for cold flooring either - her paws get so cold so quickly!

And the verdict?

It came to us as a big surprise! Pippin took the lead and tested all flooring options thoroughly. She had a nap on them. She ate on them. She played with her mouse on them. And the bigger her owl eyes got the better the flooring was. The winner was pretty clear by the end of the day - even Cookie joined in (read posed like the king he is). And it was a vinyl - can you believe it?!
I always give these two way too much credit when it comes to independent human-like thinking but man - didn't they both absolutely nail the camouflage posing?!

If you're looking for a new flooring then you can browse the Carpetright range here, or you can have a closer look at the numbers we've picked here (for iSense Illusion Saxony), here (for Atlas 599 Pierrot) and here (for Mardi Gras 99 Dublin).

Have you ever colour coordinated your carpet & pet?
If so then share your snaps with me & Carpetright (tag @cityscapebliss@Carpetright  with hashtag #carpetcamouflage) and I'll RT my favourites!

Carpetright Pet Camouflage
Carpetright Pet Camouflage
Carpetright Pet Camouflage
Carpetright Pet Camouflage
Carpetright Pet Camouflage

💭 This post is in partnership with Carpetright however all the feline posing & charming looks are Cookie's & Pipp's. Please note, no animals were harmed during this photoshoot - in fact they both had the time of their lives (followed by a bowl of treats each and a nap in front of the fireplace!).