Were you expecting something waaaaaay more Christmassy for today's edition of Recreate the Pin? Ho ho ho - no. I've got a confession to make - I'm not one of those garlands everywhere & jingle jingle down the stairs kind of girl. I'll do the Christmas tree (although I'll wait until the 23rd to put it up, say what!), I'll do the baking, set up a little Bethlehem on the fireplace mantel and then I'll go all out on Christmas Eve with all my weird Czech traditions (a post to follow on Saturday, you'll be freaked out!). Instead of buying a lot of clutter (admit it, it's a bit of a clutter, isn't it!), I'd rather have a few nice traditional decorations, a pretty little tree and a whole lot cosiness that lasts all year around!

I've picked this blush & watercolours pin today because it radiates everything fresh & cosy. Lately I've been charmed by statement armchairs that come in the boldest of colours. Or not necessarily in bold but in unexpected shades - a bright royal blue, a green that's darker than the forests in the Grimms' fairy tales - and a fair milky blush, like this perfectly pink Hay About a Lounge arm chair (see it here)! Have you noticed how sophisticated this blush shade looks when paired with gold and monochrome black & white?! The dreams! Once I've dug a little deeper into this pin I've discovered that it's not terribly difficult (or expensive) to emulate. Look for yourself!

PS: Do NOT get the original lamp, no lamp is worth £10k.  

Pin link: here

Recreate the Pin: Blush & Watercolours
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What's your favourite interior decor piece at the moment?
Big arm chairs? Snug blankets? Big belly baskets?