How to NOT lose track of your fitness goals over the festive season
Getting through the festive season without putting on extra pounds is an achievement in itself - but imagine if you actually got fitter? WHAT?! Carrying with your fitness routine throughout December and January without taking a break won't just make you fitter, it will also result in you not stopping-starting-stopping-starting (the worst feeling ever, no matter what exercise you do), it will also keep your mental health in check (& prevent you from snapping at your confusingly cheerful family) and you will feel like you own the world (whilst everyone is moaning about getting that dreaded January gym pass & drastically losing 2 stones for that summer bod).

🏆 What to do to keep consistent & guilt-free throughout the festive season

🏋🏻  Baseline to success is time management

There's SO much you want to do during the holiday season - finish reading that book (you know the one you got for last Christmas), learn how to knit, bake 432682 different Christmas biscuits. The key here (and for everything in life after all) is planning. If your planning means getting up at 11:30am just in time for lunch then you're probably not going to get very far (unless we're talking that overflowing plate of Sunday roast that is). Get up at 7am and you might even learn to cross-stitch this year!

🏋🏻  Multi-tasking is key

Now you've got the time to go to the gym, have your morning yoga session or just jog around the park, here's how to get your bum out of the toasty house of yours. Sometimes I feel like going to the gym or for a run can be a bit of a wasted time. Of course it isn't! But the journey there, the journey back, all the faff around, moan moan moan... Put on your headphones & listen to a podcast on how to improve your blog or an audio version of the book you're currently reading. Watch a YouTube video on how to make those perfect roasties. Pin all those New Year's resolutions!

🏋🏻 Share your goals & successes on social media

Because sharing success is showing people you're better than them (also motivating them but you know, the more important part is to show them you kick the butt and they don't). When you wake up, put up on your Facebook wall that you're going for a 5km run in half an hour. The embarrassment of telling all your Facebook friends that you've never done it is just so not worth it. Yet the joy when you put up a picture of yourself doing a headstand in the middle of a forest is unbeatable. The power of social. 

🏋🏻 Put those Boxing Day sales finds to good use

Did Santa bring you new yoga pants or a pair of trainers? Put them to good use! And if that's not what you found under the Christmas tree then don't worry, Boxing Day sales will save the day. There are so many sales on at the moment and I can guarantee that the sports sections won't have the Lush-esque online queues going on. You can get 26% off Missguided active range by using code SANTA26 (click here to go to the activewear section) or you can grab 20% off Sundried Activewear by using code CITYSCAPE (click here to shop).

🏋🏻  Involve the family

You really really want to spend time with your family but also really REALLY want to get out of the house for a dose of fresh air? Organise a family walk in the park, drag your friend out for a yoga class, go exploring with your boyfriend or even arrange a spa day out with your mum! The possibilities are endless and you can put two & two together without the feeling of guilt that washes over you whenever you feel like leaving the in-house festivities for a couple of hours.

🏋🏻 Don't forget to enjoy the holidays!

By no means am I saying don't have a lie in and all-day-in-PJs kinda days. DO. Oh please do! Have as many as your heart desires and don't feel guilty about it! And if you do want to carry on with your regular fitness routine then you shouldn't feel guilty about it either - just remember;
Everything in good measure!
Have a lovely holidays!!

How to NOT lose track of your fitness goals over the festive season

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How to NOT lose track of your fitness goals over the festive season
How to NOT lose track of your fitness goals over the festive season
How to NOT lose track of your fitness goals over the festive season
How to NOT lose track of your fitness goals over the festive season