Today's Feline Foodology is a little different - it's an introduction rather than a full-in-your-face review. An introduction to a proper cat food & how to start exploring on your own to be exact. I have known that the food I'm feeding to my cats is not the greatest for a while. At first I tried reading up on cat food and cat food ingredients online - it was all vet talk and dead complicated so I ended up switching to a completely wrong food (which made Cookie feel absolutely meh to say the least). It wasn't until recently when I came across Jenny's book Cats off the Carbs which explains what to look for in a proper cat food in a way every Earthling (and their cat) understands.

To differentiate natural foods from your regular carb-packed salt-infused foods here's a simple formula from the book I've been using. A good cat food is
High in animal protein
Moderate in fat
Low in carbohydrates
To kick off your search, you can get a curated Food Starter Pack from CatPacks. It contains 10 wet pouches/tins and a bag of treats all selected with the above formula for good cat food in mind and made by independent British brands.

🐈 What's in the Food Start Pack by CatPacks?*

🍴 Natures Menu Country Hunter 96% Turkey & Rabbit with Wholesome Superfoods
🍴 Natures Menu Complete Meal Chicken & Turkey
🍴 AATU Chicken & Pheasant
🍴 Almo Nature Chicken Fillet with Ham
🍴 Applaws Tender Chicken Breast with Beef in a Tasty Jelly
🍴 Applaws Chicken Breast with Mango in a Tasty Jelly
🍴 HiLife Just Chopped Chicken
🍴 HiLife Flaked Chicken Breast with Duck in Jelly
🍴 Canagan Chicken with Duck Cooked in its Own Natural Gravy
🍴 Lily's Kitchen Lovely Lamb Casserole
🍴 Pet Munchies Gourmet Beef Liver

*flavours might vary from pack to pack 

Cookie & Pipps are dead excited to start munching on all of these & I will be recording their discoveries over the next couple of weeks in the Feline Foodology Friday posts! You can get your own Food Starter Pack just for £12 here (which is an excellent deal considering most of the items are priced at £1 or higher on their own at large chains or they're not available at large chains at all!).

To learn more about proper cat food you can grab a copy of Jenny's book Cats off the Carbs here - it's a great little guide if you're looking to start feeding your cat a proper food! 

What are you feeding your cats at the moment?
Have you ever tried reading the labels & deciphering what they mean?

Feline Foodology: The starter pack
💭 Totally not sponsored - Jenny was kind enough to share her book Cats off the Carbs & the Food Starter Pack with me (thank you!) however all the picky feline habits, beany toesies and stinky toots after eating too much prawn treats are our very own. 

💭 I don't claim to be an expert in cat food - all my knowledge is gathered from Jenny's book, the internets and my own personal experience, however I'm genuinely hoping this series will help others understand the importance of proper cat food.

Feline Foodology: The Starter Pack by CatPacks


Feline Foodology Feline Foodology Feline Foodology
Feline Foodology Feline Foodology Feline Foodology
Feline Foodology Feline Foodology Feline Foodology