6 toners my skin absolutely adores right now
You may have already gathered that I'm a toner kinda girl. I could bathe in them if I could - the refreshing coolness, the herbal scents, the way they plump up my skin by just being so bitingly chilly. I enjoy them in a spritz form or just those that you pour out on a cotton pad. I like those that soothe and those that burn. And I most definitely have way too many of them.

🍃 Which toners have I been loving lately?

✔️ Naobay Calming Face Toner (now £10.80, Beauty Expert - buy here)
NAOBAY (Natural And Organic Beauty And You) is a new skincare brand I've been trying recently. I have a soft spot for their beautiful nature inspired packaging - isn't the pale wood detailing just gorgeous?! Now I've done all the aaah-ing and mmm-ing about the packaging let me tell you that Naobay states that at least 93.13% of the total ingredients are of natural origin. Not impressed yet? This calming toner is packed with chamomile and gotu kola (I've tried growing this plant once - didn't make it so at least I can slather it on my face this way!). It cleanses impurities, tones, soothes and refines. It's definitely one of those truly herbal toners that doesn't burn just leaves your face awash in a veil of everything herbal & etherial so absolutely perfectly as a part of your evening routine.

✔️ Origins United State Balancing Tonic (£16.50, Boots - buy here)
I've already did a little homage on this retexturing tonic in September beauty round up. I have been using it very sparingly only on those days when my skin is feeling super meh. It tingles a little once on your skin but that soon goes away leaving you with pretty plump cheeks and smooth chin.

✔️ Son & Park Beauty Water (now $15.23, Koreanmall - buy here)
Developed by two insanely famous make-up artists from Korean, Son & Park's Beauty Water is one of those products you use as a luxurious treat. It's not that pricey, not at all - but the sleek transparent bottle makes the product seem super fancy. The Beauty Water itself is ever so gentle and you don't even need to use it on a cotton pad - you can dispense a few drops in the palm of your hand and just pat it on your face. If that's not fanciness then what is!

✔️ Lacvert Marine Collagen Mist (now $8.55, Koreanmall - buy here)
Another product you may have spotted in my Koreanmall haul - Lacvert Marine Collagen Mist is, in all honesty, nothing out of this world. It's a refreshing face mist - if anything it has an added oil to it which might make your make-up go a little funny if you spray it over it. What I do like though is the fact that it comes in a huge 130ml bottle! I keep it on my desk to get a cool spritz any time I receive a slightly heated e-mail. Works a treat!

✔️ Apoteka Havlik Hydrating Herbal Mist (about £3, Apoteka Havlik - buy here)
I've already talked about their morning mask in the post on new skincare products I've been trying and looking back I'm a bit baffled why I haven't mentioned their Hydrating Herbal Mist yet! When I went back to Prague for a weekend break I picked up another bottle of this - it's super fresh and not sticky at all so you can spray it over your make-up instead of a setting spray too. They also sell it in a larger bottle to use as a regular toner but the little spritzer is perfect - especially for travelling!

✔️ Banish Vitamin C Beauty Elixir ($19, Banish - buy here)
This is a new discovery of mine yet Banish has already become one of the top brands in my books. I'm preparing a full post about my derma-rolling experience as we speak, however I couldn't leave this little guy out from my toner short list. If you're into facial spritzes that make a difference to your skin in a long term then this might be one for you. It works perfectly with the rest of the Banish kit but I do sometimes slip it cheekily into my handbag just to refresh when I'm out & about.

What's your favourite toner?
Leave your recommendations in the comments below please!
I want to try them ALL! 

💭 Some of these toners were sent to me to trial, some of them I bought, some of them were gifted to me from friends and family. The pure love for toners demonstrated in this post is my very own, cultivated by years of spritzing, patting and gently rubbing them into my skin.