6 unique lighting ideas to cosy up your home
Despite the whole Bloggerverse being fundamentally against the inevitable shorter-days-&-longer-nights winter situation, there is a bright side to it (see what I did?). At the end of the day (read: at 3 o'clock in the afternoon) you get to cosy up on the sofa snuggled up up to your chin in a furry throw with a bunch of fairy lights twinkling in the background and a candle flickering by your side. There's something incredibly soothing about warm yellow-lit rooms when the winter's doing its deed behind the closed door, isn't there?

6 unique lighting ideas to cosy up even the darkest gloomiest room

💡 Fairy lights

Fairy lights don't need to be just wrapped around the Christmas tree or your mirror. Be creative & find different ways to use those little twinkly stars. I got a quirky light bulb set from Tiger for £8 last year (I still see them restock these every now and then so keep your eyes peeled!) which I've wrapped around the metal headboard of our bed. You see, cutesy fairy lights don't really go down well with a 30-something year old man but when you get one that looks kinda grown up he might even use it himself (tried & tested!). I also like putting dainty wire string lights (they sell these at Wilkos or you can get them on Amazon here) into terrariums (both full & empty) which makes them look like little fairy houses!

💡 Light boxes

With sadness (and a little shame) in my heart I have to admit I haven't bought one of these yet (are you even a blogger, Tereza?!) but hear me out I do have a valid (kinda) reason for it. I found this tutorial on how to make your own light box and I SO want to try it. I'm thinking about making it a bit more epic though and adding a fun light bulb like this colour-changing one and making slightly different letter inserts (tutorial for those is here). What do you think? Have you got yourself a little light box yet?

💡 Vintage lamps

As you already know I'm all about the vintage feels. When you're out and about at flea markets, car boot sales and even charity shops look out for interesting lamps and lighting options. Always remember that if the shape is interesting but the colour is pants you can always spray paint it. Spray paint for life. Add an Edison light bulb et voila!

💡 DIY lamp projects

Believe it or not one of the most popular blog posts I've ever done is a DIY rope lamp (see it here). It's even been featured in a magazine (I jumped, dances & squealed for days)! There's a ton of beautiful DIY lamp projects on Pinterest - you will find lamps made out of concrete, old toy dinosaurs and even paper. So. Many. Possibilities.

💡 Unique lamps

Lamp designers have most definitely had their creative hats on in 2016. There's these animal lights that looks absolutely insane, this crazy cat lamp that would make a kick-ass Christmas present for any cat lady and this wooden arch lamp which just screams minimalism. My hat's off for you lamp people!

💡 Fancy add ons

Not really feeling the creative quirky lights? Maybe spice it up with some sophisticated coloured LED strip lights with a touch controller like this one. That would be especially perfect for those bloggers who get home after the daylight's completely gone and they still need to take blog pictures (sigh). You can change the whiteness & brightness of the light with a touch of your pinky. If that's not fancy then what is?!

💡 A fish tank 

Maybe a slightly unorthodox lighting option (no, I would NOT recommend becoming a fish parent if all you want is a fancy lamp really) however one of the most amazing and soothing lightings we have is our little fish tank. It came with a pretty meh light which we immediately swapped for a cool toned LED light - the best fish tank decision ever. I've managed to twist the light in a position (read: it kinda fell off and I couldn't be bothered to fix it) that when the fish swim around the light casts their shadows on the wall. An absolute mermaid dream.

I do hope this inspires you and if it does then please share it with the wide wide internet!
What creative lights and lamps do you have in your home?

Unique lighting ideas to cosy up your home

Unique lighting ideas to cosy up your home
Unique lighting ideas to cosy up your home
Unique lighting ideas to cosy up your home
Unique lighting ideas to cosy up your home
Unique lighting ideas to cosy up your home
Unique lighting ideas to cosy up your home