Recreate the Pin: Let the professional step in
Everyone wants to live in a Pinterest board. Even the most demanding of us have dreams of sleek chromatic finishes and polished kitchen cabinet handles - or perhaps of an oasis of calming blue tones and cream patterns with sea shell wind chimes fluttering in the breeze above the door. The Pinterest hurdles are real though. Firstly - it's silly difficult to find where all the pieces come from. They are either sold out in IKEA, incredibly expensive or just plain impossible to find. Secondly - if you do get your mitts on all the items you like you might later find that they just don't work with all your existing earthly possessions - that the 1970's retro egg chair will never go with that ultra-modern sofa you got last week. What a waste of time & money! I don't condone giving up - never - but I do agree that from time to time you should allow yourself to step aside and accept help. If you're looking for someone to step in & make your dreamy Recreate the Pin a reality for you then it is the team behind Get Decorated.

🏡 The right now
For your Pinterest dreams to come true you first have to evaluate what you have. The team at Get Decorated needs to know what they're working with. Get snaps of the room you'd like to have redecorated. Get the measurements, get all the detail. Write down everything that bothers you about your current place. Why is it not working for you anymore? What's really bugging you about this room?

🏡 The right now - in your bank account
The point of getting a professional help is not to throw money at someone else instead of investing in new pieces for your home. Get Decorated is incredibly affordable (I'm talking one and a half wicker basket plant pot from IKEA kind of affordable here) and their aim is to translate high-end interior designs into (Pinterest dreams) affordable solutions (real life homes). Just let them know how much you're able to spend on your interior revamp & they will work off your spending money.

🏡 The Pinterest board of your dreams
This is where things get REALLY exciting. Do you have a Pinterest board where you pin pictures of that one living room you can't stop thinking of? Now the time has come for it to see the light of the day. Share these with the Get Decorated team so they know what your actual interior dreams look like and what they're working towards. They will then take your life and your dreams and package everything together with functionality - this is how dreams actually come true, you know.

🏡 The home of your dreams
Now it depends which option you choose. If you're based in New York or Miami you will be able to have a Mr Kate kind of make over - the team will come to do the dirty deed for you and finish the remake in the right-here right-now style. If you're living anywhere else in the world then you will get an eDesign package. This means you will get mood boards, paint recommendations, a furniture shopping list - everything that will get you to that one weekend when you redecorate your home Pinterest-style. Et voila - your French boudoir, Midwest minimalism, Bohemian eclecticism, or anything else you've ever dreamed your home to be is actually around ya. Well done!

Isn't it incredible that it's someone's real life job to actually Recreate the Pin? Oh the dreams! You can find more about the different packages and online home decor support you can get from Get Decorated here.

Have you ever used an interior design professional to help you decorate your home?

Recreate the Pin: Let the professional step in
Image source: Get Decorated


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